Book Review: Losing You, Susan Lewis

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Losing You by Susan Lewis is a book about fractured marriages and generational splits and what happens when lies are told and bad things happen.

Emma is recently divorced, trying to make a new life in a new place after her husband, Will, leaves her for a younger woman. She is finding it a tough struggle having lost both her business and her marriage. She has the support of good friends and the consolation of being the mother of the beautiful Lauren. Lauren is the perfect daughter; much loved, musically talented, she is on the verge of leaving school and beginning her brilliant young life. Lauren makes Emma\’s struggles worthwhile.

Sylvie is a mother too, but she is also a drunk; self–pitying, lying, manipulative and disruptive, she has sacrificed her relationship with her husband and sons to the alcohol that rules her life. Every previous effort to help has been repulsed. Now, in one final attempt to get her into rehab, she has been banned from the family home. Yet, even with her marriage on the rocks, it is by no means clear whether she will get the help she needs. Her younger son, Oliver, who has born the brunt of his mother\’s addiction, is also on the verge of beginning his adult life.

Fate draws the two families together when tragedy strikes. Secrets are exposed and their consequences have to be confronted. As the story unfolds, the lines between good and bad, the innocent and the guilty become blurred. But Losing You is also about hope and picking oneself up, about working through the worst of times and making the best of it. Ultimately, it is about working with the hand that fate deals and forgiveness.

Susan Lewis writes in an easy readable style and Losing You is a good book for a plane ride or relaxing at a beach resort. There are plenty of characters to like or dislike and plenty to keep you turning the page.

Available now: Random House RRP$32.95


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