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Guerlain adds another scent to its family, the Idylle Duet Jasmine and Lilac the second scent in the duets range, the first being a duet of patchouli and rose as created by master Perfumer Thierry Wasser.  In 2011, there was the rose and patchouli duet, a play of emotions in light and shadow, in which the beautiful flower deployed its fragrant charms of petals and sensuality, while the obscure woody note resonated intensely in its presence. For this Duet edition, the perfumer has chosen the unusual alchemy of two white flowers from the bouquet: jasmine and white lilac.

These flowers are dear to the House of Guerlain, which introduced sambac jasmine native to India in 1985. Until then, perfumery had used another variety, grandiflorum. As for lilac, its tender and delicate notes were already included in the composition of the fragrances created by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, such as Lilas et Jacinthe in 1830.

“I drew inspiration from the Thousand and One Nights, which celebrates enchanting jasmine in these words: The charm of her melodic voice and the seduction of her gaze were joined by the exhilarating scent of jasmine.” It is said to be “mute” because its Natural scent cannot be extracted as a raw material and must be recomposed through the perfumer\’s palette. You could almost say that it is the perfumer who creates its “intonations”. – Thierry Wasser

The fragrance opens with white lilac, which smells lighter and of green tones. The lilac is slightly transparent and easily gives way to the stronger scent of jasmine. The Jasmine has a honey, fruity smell which lingers and develops into a warm, caramel scent. The bottle is curved, with a thick base and a top which reaches upwards, like the stem of a plant. Both the bottle and the liquid are a bright gold.

Interesting Fact: Lilac’s name comes from the Arabic “lilak” and Persian “nilak”, which means “bluish, mauve”. Nicknamed the “sultans\’ flower” because it blossomed in Suleiman II the Magnificent\’s harem, lilac was offered by the latter to an Italian ambassador posted in Istanbul. It reached the court of Francis I, who made it known in France.

Available now, 50mL RRP$150, for your nearest stockist call 02-9695 4800.

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