Dame Edna, Jenny Craig’s Newest Weight Loss Ambassador Gets Cheeky with Mel B at The Launch Party

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Ahead of her final tour, Dame Edna has signed on as an ambassador for weight loss program Jenny Craig. The not so well kept secret was launched last night (April 23rd) as the self proclaimed ‘gigastar\’ Dame Edna Everage made her way to the Civic Underground in Sydney for the “hysterical” announcement.  She was greeted by an enthusiastic audience full of people wearing her signature bling glasses.  As usual, she greeted us with ‘Hello Possums\’!

Why Jenny Craig? “Well darlings.  You know, my dress fitter is a gorgeous little thing but she was having trouble helping me get into my dress one day and I thought, perhaps we could do something about this.  It\’s terrible isn\’t it?  When you can\’t get into lovely frocks like mine? But really, I am not on a diet because the letters ‘d-i-e\’ in diet are just awful.  And I\’m not on a weight loss ‘journey\’!  Oh I am so sick of hearing about other people\’s journeys aren\’t you?”

What do you think of the food? “Oh it\’s lovely.  I have a fridge and freezer full of it.  Jenny is teaching me to look at food but not to consume all of it!” 

She had the crowd in stitches over this.  Jenny Craig\’s choice of Dame Edna at the ripe age of 78 is a popular one –  although the Dame said she hadn\’t checked lately and wasn\’t sure what her age is.  She did mention that her Manager Barrie Humphries was also on Jenny Craig and that he was looking forward to the end results too.

What about exercise or sexercise? “Oh yes, lots of exercise, actually I am involved in the Prostate Olympics.  Have you heard about it?  Well, it\’s mostly water sports, but it is very popular.”

A surprise guest was another Jenny Craig ambassador – the very svelte looking Mel B!  The not so scary spice girl was on hand to support Dame Edna with her and popped on stage to have a chat also.  They hugged and Dame Edna said she was surprised how ‘little\’ Mel was.  Mel  has successfully lost 15 kilos and Dame Edna has also pledged to do the same.  She is already on her way as she was wearing a dress that she had previously couldn\’t fit into.

“Darlings!  I have had to resort to selling them on E-Bay.  How embarrassing.  This is just not good enough and this is why Jenny Craig is helping me out.”

We even got to meet Dame Edna\’s counsellor, a lovely Italian woman and Dame Edna revealed that you can even eat pasta on the Jenny Craig diet which she was stunned about.

Can\’t wait to see Dame Edna fitting back into her beautiful frocks and making us laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt in her new show “Eat. Pray. Laugh.”

After thoroughly entertaining us all and poking fun at the crowd, she left us all with this parting thought:

“I love to greet my friends with a hint of Jenny Craig on my breath.”

Check out her Behind the Scenes Video of Barry Humphries talking about Dame Edna\’s plans to shed the kilos:

Stay tuned to watch this shrinking gladiola!

Photography Dave Pentranker


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