Book Review: Silence, Becca Fitzpatrick

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When authors create a series which involves a romance, it can be difficult to sustain interest once the characters get together. Usually the first book involves the characters getting to know each other, and then culminates with them acknowledging their mutual attraction. Subsequent books, of course, place the couple in all sorts of peril and can separate them, but the reader already knows that they\’re meant to be together, so the apprehension is not as great. Becca Fitzpatrick does something clever with Silence by giving her protagonist Nora amnesia.

Although the book includes a prologue, Nora\’s amnesia means that a reader new to the series would find some aspects difficult to follow. So read the other books in the series, Hush, Hush and Crescendo, first! However there are opportunities to get up to speed with prior events, and old readers get to revisit the interesting stages where Nora starts to become attracted to Patch; we get to relive the romance. Nora wakes in a cemetery in September, but thinks it\’s April. She finds she has been missing since late June.

Her best friend Vee is still her friend, but everything else seems to have changed. Nora\’s mother is now dating and thinking of marrying Hank Millar, father of Nora\’s archenemy Marcie. Nora is experiencing hallucinations, is haunted by the colour black (which the reader knows is associated with fallen angel Patch) and is moved to hold onto a black feather she finds. The author\’s writing about the visceral response Nora has to the colour is some of her best, luscious and sensual. Nora sees Patch in her dreams, but forgets them on waking.

She also doesn\’t remember what happened with Marcie and Patch, though she does experience some feelings of jealousy when Marcie mentions his name, claiming he gave her a necklace. Then Nora runs across and is threatened by some guys who appear to be able to control other people\’s minds, and who can shape shift: fallen angels. One of them mentions the word nephilim, and this strikes a chord. Nora later receives an explanation from Scott, who then tells her what the reader already knows.

So if you enjoyed the series, this book is a welcome addition and has a terrific twist for its cliffhanger ending. The book also has a bonus section which describes when Nora and Patch first met, from Patch\’s perspective. A treat for fans!

Available now: Simon & Schuster RRP$30.00


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