DVD Review: House of Anubis, Season One, Volume One

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There is something suspicious about the unexpected departure of Joy, one of the students in Anubis House, an English boarding school. The teachers all say that her parents came to collect her, but her best friend, Patricia, is not so sure they\’re telling the truth—especially with the arrival of a new girl, an American, Nina Martin.

When Nina enters Anubis House, she meets the grouchy caretaker, Victor, who warns her, that ‘going up into the attic or down into the cellar is strictly forbidden\’. And of course, that\’s the perfect hook to have us wondering, what is he hiding?

The Volume One DVD set features the first 30 episodes of the Nickelodeon series. Also included is some hilarious backstage footage with the cast in House of Anubis Unlocked.

On her way to class, Nina stumbles across an old lady named Sarah who used to live in Anubis House. She gives Nina a strange necklace, the Eye of Horus, which has mystifying powers. Together with her friends, Amber and Fabian, they create a secret group called ‘Sibuna\’ (Anubis backwards) and investigate the mysteries surrounding the house.

With the secret panels, hidden clues and scheming teachers, it is quite clear that something peculiar is going on and it appears as if all the teachers are involved, maybe even the police. And what about Joy? It seems Patricia is the only one still worried about her abrupt disappearance, until a new teacher arrives and offers to help her uncover the truth. Then there\’s the creepy man lurking around the school grounds. Who is he and what does he want?

Each episode ends on a cliffhanger, with the next one picking up right from where it left off, so you never even miss a minute of all the action and drama. There is some low-key romance, with students who deal with issues probably better suited to a younger audience. The acting is subpar, being slightly overdone at times, but it is the plot and intrigue that really drives the series. Plus who doesn\’t love an English accent?

All I can really say about the House of Anubis series is that the more you watch it, the more addictive it becomes. It fills a niche in the market of tween shows: bringing together mystery, intrigue and boarding schools.

Can\’t wait for Volume two!

Available now: RRP$28.95. Season Two of House of Anubis premiers Monday May 7th, in Australia from 5.30pm on the Nickelodeon Channel.

– Tina

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