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After being discovered at age 14 (1988) at New York City’s JFK Airport, Kate Moss‘ ascent to the top of the super-modeling world is well documented and this new book just released into Australian bookstores by Christian Salmon shares more than sixty images of Kate and an interesting insight into her phenomenal story – “the story of an icon, a muse, a legend, an enigma” and how our culture has created the collective Kate Moss myth.

“In 2003, American artist Alex Katz attempted an explanation: ‘[Moss] is completely ordinary. That’s what makes her extraordinary.'” Salmon wrote.

Moss’ biographer, Katherine Kendall, writes her explanation: “these are contradictions that explain Moss’s resonance in our time. She is at once accessible and unapproachable, vulnerable and strong, real and fantastic, delicate and fierce, sexual and androgynous.”

Her story is one of endless reinvention despite tabloid scandals, drug use, rehab and tumultuous high-profile romances, she continues to stay at the top of her game still getting high profile campaigns and we’re still counting her covers, 300 and counting for just Vogue (globally) alone.

Kate famously said:

“The more visible they make me, the more invisible I become.”

Flicking through the images, it’s amazing to see how many that are ‘iconic’ that you don’t realise your saw as and when they came out, especially from the vintage era of the 90’s before the mass saturation of imagery that we can now access via the internet.

You either love or hate Kate Moss, but you have to admit she’s definitely an enigma that we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$29.99

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