Estée Lauder Introduces Very Expensive Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Face Cream & Night Serum and Eye Balm & Serum

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Estée Lauder have released some very expensive face products onto the market; Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Face Cream & Night Serum, and Eye Balm & Eye Serum to help give the skin a more youthful appearance using a new ingredient Glacial Bio-Extract™ which comes from the water deep beneath the Antartic glacier in the polar sea.

The products are said to help repair, recharge and restore the skin’s energised radiant appearance with skin ‘appearing virtually ageless’ – I wish!

Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Face Creme helps boost the skin’s natural collagen and elastin network with the appearance of lines reducing and discolorations looking faded. The Night Serum hydrates and nourishes the skin with an infusion of lipids into the skin. While the Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Eye Balm will help strengthen the skin by restoring more elasticity and spring while the Night Serum for Eyes nourishes the eye area with a boost of vital hydration.

As you know I am not a fan of jars, the beneficial ingredients won’t remain stable once the product is opened, there are plenty of great packaging options that will help keep the product stabilised especially for the pricing but I am glad that the fragrance in these products are virtually non-existent, I always react to heavily fragranced products on my face. The eye serum smells a little bit but it’s delicious on the eyes upon application, my eyes soaked it up. I add the serum and cream over the top morning (when I’m working from home and not wearing make up otherwise you can’t use the serum during the day, it’s too slippery for make up to hold onto) and night and my eyes are definitely enjoying the luxurious duo:

  • Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Face Creme & Night Serum RRP$1350
  • Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Eye Balm & Night Serum for Eyes RRP$550

New Re-Nutriv Re-Creation is non-acnegenic, dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, formulated for all skin types, and is on selected Estée Lauder counters nationwide and online at now, call 1800 061 326 for your nearest stockist.

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