We Chat to Whitney Port About Fashion, Her Hair & Being a Family Girl

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We fell in love with her during the reality shows The Hills and The City, and since then, we have all watched what the international style icon Whitney Port did next. Port has launched two new self-titled collections Whitney Eve and W.E by Whitney Eve. Last month saw Miss Port being Australia\’s first international designer and celebrity to take part in an exclusive installation show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2012.

The celebrity designer, known for her chic street-style and her glamazing hair, channeled her laid-back style of hometown LA, and the edgy style of New York in her two collections, Whitney Eve, and the more affordable diffusion line, W.E by Whitney Eve. Both lines are easy to wear, affordable, trendy and fun. From light dresses, to playful floral jumpsuits, light knits and jackets, and androgynous blouses channeling the likes of the ‘peter pan collar\’ that is currently on trend.

The overall consensus for the fashionable Whitney Port, saw lots of mixed prints, pastel hues and soft materials define her showcase down under.

Whitney Port

Natasa and Whitney as photographed by Darren Luk

Prior to her show, we were able to catch up with the lovely Whitney to get a one-on-one with her and her whirl wind journey:

Natasa: Your journey for Australians began when you were on MTV shows The Hills, then The City. Tell me when you began your journey on those shows, did you see yourself becoming a fashion designer?

Whitney: It was always a dream of mine and something I intended to do. I was not sure if it was going to happen but with the different jobs I have had in fashion industry, have lead me into having this opportunity. I was able to have the right education in order to launch my own label.

Natasa: How much have you evolved from your time on reality TV, to your time now as a designer for your own label? Professionally and personally? What’s been the most rewarding aspect of that change?

Whitney: Just like any young girl who becomes a woman, I have matured and realised what\’s important and am able to focus a lot more on my career, as opposed to just being selfish and having fun. I realised that you only have a certain amount of time in order to make an impact.

Natasa: You have Whitney Eve and W.E for Whitney Eve, what’s the difference between the two?

Whitney: Whitney Eve is more eclectic and it is a higher price point, where as the W.E line is a lower price point, it is more styled for the everyday girl, achievable and affordable for everyone.

Natasa: What are your favourite pieces from the upcoming collection that we should be looking out for?

Whitney: I have plenty! I love a pleated blouse that I have, it has a peter pan styled collar, a lot of print on print matches and I am loving mixing prints as well.

Natasa: You are the first ever international designer and celebrity to launch their self-titled collection through Australian Fashion Week, what made you want to come out here and launch it at our Fashion Week?

Whitney: Wow I didn\’t know that. That is so great and so cool! It is so great because I appreciate Australian style so much as they are all absorbing what I do, which is so flattering for me.

Natasa: What do you love about Australia?

Whtiney: I feel like Australians were a crew that were really accepting of my style so I love that about Australians and the fashionable people here. That is what inspired me to pursue my fashion line down under.

Natasa: Who are your favourite Australian designers?

Whitney: I love Sass and Bide, Camilla and Marc , Zimmerman, One Teaspoon

Natasa: Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isla Fisher, Nikki Hilton and the Kardashians are some of the celebrities been spotted wearing your designs, how does it feel that your designs are worn by some of the world’s most stylish people?

Whitney: It felt so awesome! The thing is that some times it is more important just everyday girls wearing my clothes because I know they spent their heard earnt money on them. But to see someone that I know is very fashionable and to see them wear my designs and accept it is really cool.

Natasa: Who would you be speechless about if you found out they wore your designs?

Whitney: I would love Rihanna to wear my stuff. I just think she is so cool and she is so effortless and takes so many risks.

Natasa: Have you already secured some local stockists of your label? If so, where can we look forward to purchasing them from?

Whitney: Yes. I will be stocking at Sportsgirl, The Iconic and MyCatwalk.

Natasa: You did a video last year (Strobe Likes), looking like you were having fun, wearing your own designs dancing around, what was your inspiration around that?

Whitney: Well basically it was this really cool company doing a bunch of cool things with lots of designers and they approached me and I have somewhat of a dance back ground so I thought it would be really cool to mix the two and do something quirky.

Natasa: Your hair has a cult following all around the globe, what is your secret or cult products you can not go without?

Whitney: I have been using the Tresemme dry shampoo, it is amazing it instantly gives my hair volume and make it look amazing. I also love their shampoo and conditioners. My absolute saviour is ‘It\’s a Ten\’ leave-in conditioner. I just put it on the ends and revives it. And I love moroccocan oil.

Natasa: Tell us something we don’t know about you that is not outlined in the press?

Whitney: I think what you guys see is pretty true to what I am. I am a family girl, I am one of five kids, I am a home body. I love being at home. At the end of the day, the whole spotlight thing is not really my thing.

Natasa: If you could pick three things you could not live without on your current journey, what or who would they be?

Whitney: One category would be my whole family, another category would be my boyfriend and the third would be, I don\’t know! I just think those people are enough for me.

Natasa: What do people assume about you when they meet you that is totally incorrect?

Whitney: I think sometimes they think I am a bit vacant. The show has a view of showing people in a certain way. I have a pretty strong back bone, I wouldn\’t say I am aggressive, but I have no problem standing up to myself.

Natasa: What is on the agenda for you for the remainder of 2012? Are you involved in any projects that are not fashion related?

Whitney: Yes lots of things! I am involved with a charity called Face Africa. I try to bring fashion into it as that is a way to make money for this charity. I dance, which is a fun hobby of mine. And I am learning how to cook!

Natasa: What question would you love to be asked but never get asked and why?

Whitney: (Chuckles) I think I am fine with what has been asked! I am not too comfortable with people asking too many questions so I am fine with the basics.

Whitney’s range will be available for sale via Sportsgirl, The Iconic and My Catwalk this August.


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