Air Date Confirmed for Being Lara Bingle

| 24 May , 2012 | 1 Reply

The much hyped and highly anticipated? reality show to hit our screens, Being Lara Bingle, on Channel 10 finally has a confirmed air date, beginning Thursday June 7th at 8pm.

The behind the scenes look at Lara’s life is sure to be an eye opener and it will be interesting to see how it’s going to go … I predict it to be a “Sliding Door” moment for Lara, either a big hit and she’ll be sorted now for anything else she wants to do or a huge big miss and she’ll struggle to come back from. I hope it will be the former just because kudos to her for putting herself out there on such a precarious limb for even more judgments to be made about her life, it’s not like she needs anymore to be made on it!

Featuring alongside Lara is her best friend and manager Hermoine Underwood, mum Sharon and brother Josh!

Watch the trailer:

Will you be locking it in your diary? And I’ll check to see who she’s wearing in these promo shots!

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