Discover the Secret “Miniature World” in Louis Vuitton’s Champs-Élysées Store

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Those creative peeps at Louis Vuitton have come up with an adorable creative collaboration with photographer Vincent Bousserez, a secret imaginary world in their Champs-Élysées store. It’s a miniature world in which tiny figurines come out to play when the sun goes day to play with LV’s beloved objects, a miniature world in which characters reflect the small beauties of our larger life. A fantasy daily life where golf players enjoy a night session on a monogram course or this couple who walk down a quite unexpected aisle. Changing the scale of our perception is also a way to discover Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire from a different angle: leather textures, metal pieces or stitch trims appear here from a new perspective.

“I immediately thought that it would be interesting to get these people out of their artificial world and to bring them to life in ours. The gap between what we expect from them and what they actually do (and where they do it) allows space for the humor, dreams and imagination.” – Vincent Bousserez

In their contemplative view, in the magic and creative way they live their life, these characters say something to us about what we are sometimes missing in our own lives.

Visit Louis Vuitton’s website.

Vincent Bousserez / Louis Vuitton

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