Book Review: The Catch, Samantha Brett

| 6 June , 2012 | 1 Reply

We’ve all tried putting recipe books to the test, but how about a relationship book?

Sure, we may have looked at them, but how about one that offers a “dating” boot-camp? Yes you read correctly, a dating boot-camp!

Samantha “Sam” Brett’s latest tome “The Catch”, is the latest edition to the relationship / self-help genre and is a refreshing look at the dating scene and how to conquer it.

Following the end of an eight year relationship Sam penned “The Catch” in order to help other “singletons” to: move on from a break-up, avoid the traps of the dating game, become a stronger you through the 30 day Catch Boot Camp and get a man to propose in only six steps!

It is quite a lot to live up to when you think about it.

I started more than a bit sceptical, especially when Sam states early on, in one of her “cautionary tales” (examples of friends used to illustrate her tips) that; “bankers are hot property. Every girl in Sydney wants to bed one, date one merry and make an honest man out of one.” Well not this Sydney girl Sam! I wasn’t sure where The Catch was heading, but I continued on.

I quickly realised that many of the tips really were just common sense. Which when you think about it, when you’re so tired of the dating scene or fresh out of a long-term relationship can be the last thing on a single woman’s mind (which is undeniably understandable!).

Sam shows a natural understanding for the dating scene and compassion for those who’ve been on the scene for more than “seems fair”!

The Catch offers is a reassuring message for single women, which is it’s indeed “okay” to be single. There’s this misconception that if you’re over a certain age and single, there must be something wrong with you. The Catch offers a reassuring shoulder that lets you know, that being single can be fabulous, fun and one big adventure.

If you’re after some words of advice and ready to get your love life back into action, try The Catch. It’s an easy read and if you want to skip ahead to certain sections, you don’t need to have read earlier chapters. The 30 day Catch Boot Camp offers some decent tips and really sets it apart from the other relationship / self help books out there.

Best of all The Catch’s author knows exactly what you’re going through and that makes all the difference!

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP:$24.99


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  1. Ian Redfern says:

    I’ve been studying relationship psychology for the last six months or so, and have an intimate knowledge of what it’s like to be a quiet male in this area. I can honestly state one accurate and unfortunate fact about this book; it almost completely misses the most critical point. Let me explain. Virtually ALL the males Samantha provides comments from are what I call “alpha component” males. This means they are experienced in initiating relationships and in seduction techniques.

    I looked for the section on dealing with the most genuine, honest, and considerate males – quiet, shy males – and it was nowhere to be found. Her potentially denigrating diagram of the “male” mind, with it’s large segments relating to sex drive just proves this.

    In his 2008 book “Why Mr Right Can’t Find You”, Canadian author JM Kearns explains the importance of taking the initiative to females, and to approach shy males. This book – and I don’t sell it either – gives the real truth on finding the best possible males for a long term relationship.

    Samantha appears to have upheld the outdated concept from the notorious book “The Rules” in doing little more than try to make females believe that they still need to play the “passive princess” and wait for males to approach them, rather than take a proactive stance, and approach decent (and usually quiet) males themselves. This can only usually result in them ending up with the types of males she recommends avoiding.

    I suggest that if you’ve already done a psychology course Samantha, try taking another one and get in contact with some really experienced male psychologists.

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