Film Review: Friends with Kids

| 7 June , 2012 | 1 Reply

Directed by: Jennifer Westfeldt
Starring: Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolf, Jon Hamm
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3/5

Julie (Jennifer Wesstfeldt), Jason (Adam Scott) and their bunch of witty, thirty-something Manhattanite friends are living the life most thirty-something women have idealised ever since Sex and the City popularised a slightly different American dream with the new millennium.

When the friends are seated near their worst enemy (a family with young kids) whilst dining at a fashionably expensive restaurant, they share their derision that they couldn’t think of anything worse. That is until one of the couples announces that they are pregnant.

What starts as one baby, rapidly dominoes until it seems that the perpetually single Julie and the constantly loved up Jason are the only two left without offspring. You can probably guess what happens next from the not so mysterious title: the two best friends decide to get together and have a kid. There’s just one rule, stay friends. No relationship, no feelings, no sex – just two friends with a baby, and everything split down the middle.

Their friends can sense disaster in the air almost as strongly as the audience can. But, as they conclude, there are so many different family models now that two best friends, whom have loved each other since high school, couldn’t be the worst one out there.

And they’re right, for a while, until things start to get complicated. It starts when Jason meets ‘the one’, a sexy dancer named Mary Jane (Megan Fox) who doesn’t want anything to do with kids. Meanwhile Julie meets Mr Perfect (Edward Burns), a recently divorced dad who seems too good to be true.

Friends with Kids is a quirky, dialogue heavy ensemble comedy which strikes a smart balance between frank humour and emotional upheaval. It would be easy to look at the classic rom-com plot of this film and write it off as yet another paint-by-numbers feelgood. But writer/director/actor Jennifer Westfeldt goes out of her way to add weight to her directorial debut by letting her characters be a little more real then you might expect. Of course the film is only helped by an all star cast from Westfeldt’s inner circle (though with all the familiar faces it does feel a little like Bridesmaids II).

Laughs, love, and explosive juvenile diarrhoea: Friends with Kids is in cinemas now.


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