Film Review: Le Chef

| 14 June , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Daniel Cohen
Starring: Jean Reno, Michaël Youn
Sassi’s Star Rating: 4/5

From the producers of The Artist, comes an intellectual French comedy wrapped in the joys (and pitfalls) of cooking.

Jacky (Michaël Youn) is a perfectionist in the kitchen. His sense of taste is refined and the food he cooks is superb. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that the sight of anyone defacing his food, such as adding mustard to a sauce or drinking red wine with a meal that would clearly be better with white, sends him into a rage, where he berates the uncultured customer, and subsequently gets himself sacked. His knack for getting fired is an attribute his very pregnant girlfriend (Raphaelle Agogue) does not appreciate, as she worries Jacky won’t be able to help provide for their coming child.

Desperate, Jacky starts work as a painter, until a chance tasting introduces him to his idol, the man whose recipes Jacky has memorized for years, Chef Alexandre Lagarde.

Alexandre (Jean Reno) is at the top of his career, unfortunately he’s out of ideas. Years of running the prestigious restaurant Cargo Lagarde, as well as his own TV show, has drained his food of all emotion. With the threat of a rival being given his restaurant, Alexandre brings Jacky into his kitchen, and together they try to cook up the perfect menu to save the restaurant, and their careers.

The duo work great together and there is real chemistry on screen – not the romantic kind – but the chemistry behind the weird world of molecular gastronomy. Reno does a superb job as Chef Alexandre whose hesitation at cooking outside his traditional realm gives Jacky an opportunity to take the reins.

With the popularity of cooking shows this subtitled movie will pique the interest of many viewers, but the well-placed comedy will get even the non-food obsessed laughing and smiling.

Le Chef – a clever French Comedy! In cinemas now – bon appétit!


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