New Fragrance Alert: Lilabelle Truly Adorable, by Kate Moss

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Kate Moss is releasing a follow up fragrance to her Lilabelle fragrance released last year called Lilabelle Truly Adorable once again inspired by her daughter Lila Grace and her girlish innocence and the carefree summer moments, and vintage English charm:

“Lilabelle Truly Adorable is dedicated to my daughter Lila, inspired by her girlish innocence. It captures the pure beauty and playful sense of fun of youth. Old-fashion floral prints have always been a part of my summer wardrobe and were a true inspiration for both the fragrance and design.” – Kate Moss

The new fragrance takes you into the countryside of fresh, wild flower-filled meadows, of lazy weekends relaxing in the Cotswolds, running barefoot on dewy grass, water fights and picnics. Days lost in nature, elegant English tea parties and exquisite pristine rose gardens. Memories of a giddy feeling of freedom, country escapes and endless possibilities.

The bright and youthful floral green fruity fragrance was created by Perfumer Alexis Dadier from Symrise and opens with the initial gourmand sweetness of candy apples tempered by the slightly acidic sparkle of redcurrant, with ivy leaves adding a crunchy hint of green. This blooms into a delicate bouquet of fresh hawthorn and innocent lily of the valley, contrasted with a colourful sweet pea accord. This tantalising floral heart, filled up with green asperities, is reminiscent of the classic Liberty patterns so beloved by Kate. Finally, the fragrance melts into a soft dry down composed of smooth sandalwood and almond wood wrapped in cashmere musk, adding a comfortable sophistication to the bouquet.

The multifaceted bottle is chic and timeless. Reminiscent of iconic classic perfume bottles it also possesses a modern and youthful facet. The pale peachy juice inspired by pastel flowery summer fabrics, homemade ice-tea and sunsets over a country field. The carton is pure English style with hundreds of tiny blooms on the black background inspired by Kate’s love of fashion and floral dresses, revisiting the iconic British liberty pattern.

Photographed by Mert & Marcus for the campaign, it was inspired by the strong, free spirited, and femininity of Kate herself:

“As always it was so great being able to work with Mert and Marcus on the print ad. After all these years we work really well together and they always have the perfect vision and great creative ideas. You just know the final result will be amazing!” says Kate.

Kate’s shares her inspiration in this Q&A behind the creation of Lilabelle Truly Adorable:

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your new fragrance, Lilabelle Truly Adorable?

Kate: My favorite time is spent relaxing in the country with friends and family and it’s where the inspiration for this fragrance comes from. Happy memories of summers shared outside with my daughter Lila, times I really treasure.

What kind of woman wears Truly Adorable?

Kate: It is a fragrance that I will appeal to women of all ages, chic, naturally elegant but with a touch of fun and playfulness. She doesn’t take herself seriously and knows how to enjoy life.

What 3 words would you use to describe the fragrance?

Kate: Feminine, youthful and irresistible.

What was the best part of creating Lilabelle Truly Adorable

Kate: I always enjoy the process of creating a fragrance, starting  with my favorite scents, mixing them together, seeing what works and ending up with something unique.

You worked with Mert and Marcus on this shoot, what was it like working with them again?

Kate: It’s fun working with the boys, we’ve become great friends over the years. They are so creative I always know we’ll end up with an amazing result.

Would you say that a fragrance can change your mood?When is the best time of day to wear Lilabelle Truly Adorable? 

Kate: I wouldn’t say a fragrance can change my mood but that I choose my fragrance depending on my mood. I love to wear Truly Adorable at different times of day, it’s such a fresh fragrance that it works just as well in the afternoon as in the mornings. It’s perfect for weekends in the country too.

The range will be available in Australia although no counter date has been given, it will be available as an Eau de toilette in two sizes 30ml and 50ml.

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