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Emma Stone is proving to be a very popular Cover Girl right now, making her debut cover for Vogue’s July 2012 issue and featuring on the Sunday Telegraph’s Glossy (as photographed by James White) as well as New York Magazine’s summer edition, clearly on the promo trail for The Amazing Spider Man (in cinemas here July 4th).

In Emma’s Sunday Telegraph interview she shares how at the age of 14 she put together a powerpoint presentation for her parents to convince them that she should move to Hollywood and eventually did with her mother in tow. After a string of supporting movie roles, she starred in the teen comedy Easy A in 2010 and followed it up with the rom-com Crazy Stupid Love opposite Ryan Gosling and the critically acclaimed drama The Help which really bought her all the right attention with the lead role now in The Amazing Spiderman and back with Ryan Gosling for The Gangster Squad which we will see later in the year.

Her new found fame has her highlighting her dislike for “Selective Assholes” but she loves the opportunity to meet new people:

“My least favourite type of person is a selective asshole – a person who’s a jerk to some people and nice to other people.

“There are also some lovely things, such as getting to have conversations with people you may never have met otherwise. But it is odd when you meet someone and they know so much about you.”

Emma’s interview with the New York Times is really good, it feels like you are sitting there at the table with them, she seems incredibly down to earth. Emma is often described as an ‘old soul’ and she laughingly comments on Spider-Man director Marc Webb’s theory that she’s actually a 48 year old man: “She’s a 48-year-old man who has figured out how to create the perfect woman,”  he said.

Emma: “Maybe I’m just an old man! I love that. I can use it to be grumpy whenever I want. And wise,” – she says.

You can read Emma’s interview with New York magazine here and the Sunday Telegraph interview here and her Vogue interview is here.

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