DVD Review: Suits, Season One

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What do you do when a drug deal goes wrong? You run.

At least that’s what Mike Ross does when he suspects he’s about to walk into a set up. Trapped in a hotel with limited options, he slips into a room full of Harvard graduates interviewing for a position with respected law firm, Pearson Hardman.

Harvey Specter is New York’s best legal closer. Recently made a senior partner at Pearson Hardman, he is looking for a new associate. He’s tired of hiring from the same old batch of boring drones. Instead, he tells his assistant he’s looking for someone clever, ‘another me’.

In walks Mike with a briefcase full of weed and a mind that can impress even Harvey.

Suits is a witty, new legal drama, which relies heavily on the relationships and personalities of all the staff. Fortunately, at Pearson Hardman there is a strong supply of appealing, varied and driven egos.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) appears to be your typical hardened lawyer who doesn’t ‘get emotionally attached to the client’, while Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is a college dropout, who makes a living taking tests for other people. What could be more natural than to put the two together?

The cast’s banter is one of the show’s main highlights. There’s a subtle bromance brewing between Harvey and Mike. Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Harvey’s tough, and sometimes, fearsome assistant, Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), adds for some diversity, and paralegal, Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) offers the possibility of romance for Mike.

There’s nothing new at the base of the plot; a young talented misfit looking for a second chance and a cynical successful boss, who needs to learn compassion, but at a time when everything is being remade, it becomes less about the originality of an idea and more about the delivery of it.

That delivery is what holds Suits together and makes it a show to watch: a strong cast, sharp dialogue and interesting subplots. Every episode holds a new case and another possibility for Mike to prove his worth, not only, to Pearson Hardman, but also to Harvey—and himself.

I think I’ve just found my new winter obsession.

Available to own now on DVD.


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