Introducing SkinVitals’ New Hydrating Hydraflex Face & Hand Masks

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SkinVitals have introduced a range of new face masks and one for the hands. The new range of cloth treatment masks have been created specifically to target the signs of ageing. Following on from the success of their first cloth treatment system they created back in 2005, the new Hydraflex cloth mask range targets the décolleté and hands, as well as the delicate eye area and face using the latest peptide technology to help the skin generate collagen production.

Not only do the masks use peptide technology, they also use a cocktail of ingredients to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and the formation of scar tissue, improving hydration and elasticity for beauty results that are magnified.

The new range of cloth masks include: Hydraflex Hand (RRP$14.99); Hydraflex Neck/Décolleté (RRP$14.99), Hydraflex Eyes (RRP$14.99), Hydraflex Face (RRP$14.99), Hydraflex 3D Face (RRP$14.99) and the Hydraflex Age-Defying Starter Kit (RRP$12.99). Each box includes three masks each (two for hands) so it’s a brilliant price to give some mask hydration attention to your face and hands.

I tried the Hydraflex Hands and Hydraflex 3D Face and very similar concept to the SKII face masks which I’ve used in the past, and they were easy to use and provided a much needed boost of hydration for my skin. I enjoyed using the hand masks although were a bit hard to get off … I did use a hand cream afterwards and used them both prior to going to bed so that I didn’t lose the hydration boost.

SkinVitals’ HYDRAFLEX range is available now nationally at Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy.

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