Tetley Introduces Flavoured Decaf Green Tea & They Are Delicious

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I love Green Tea, I have been drinking it for years and years and I cannot start my day without one (after my hot water and lemon juice) averaging around three cups a day (I drink Green Tea with Jasmine Petals) and I was very excited to learn that Tetley have Decaf versions of Green Tea, the only Decaf available in Australia and we see the release of two new decaf flavours to the new range; mint and pomegranate green tea flavours.

Green tea is reported to have been first referenced in China over 5000 years ago and is made solely from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Originating in China, it has filtered down into our Western cultures where we’ve predominantly drunk black tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants but also is caffeinated and although I’m not bothered by having a bit of caffeine in my day, I was surprised to learn that we actually only have the one brand selling a decaffeinated version. Caffeine can trigger a stress response in the body but I’ve never had any issues over the years with Green Tea. If I have a coffee (lucky if I have one a month) I have it after breakfast (so as I don’t unduly boost my blood sugar levels) and never after lunchtime.

The new range of Tetley’s original, mint and pomegranate decaffeinated green tea flavours are available in Woolworths and independent retailers in 10 teabag packs for RRP $1.75. The original decaf green is also available in 50 teabag packs, now just to wait for the Green Tea & Jasmine Petals and 50 packs for mint and pomegranate.

Will you be popping some in your trolley next time you’re at the supermarket?

You can visit Tetley’s website for more.

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