We Get Up Close & Personal with Katy Perry on the Pink Carpet for “Part of Me” Sydney Premiere

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Pink fairy floss trees, giant lollipops, purple bubbles, and a pink carpet. It may sound like a dream, and for many Katy Perry fans, that’s exactly what it was. The pink carpet premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me, was ushered in by none other than the star herself wearing a Versace dress and Christian Louboutin heels and purple locks. Greeting fans in a stunning gold dress and purple-shaded hair, her smile and enthusiasm were infectious. She signed autographs and took pictures with eager fans, doing her best to make sure no one missed out.

When she came our way we learned a bit more about this glamorous pop star . . . well, we did eventually.

I introduced myself and Katy noticed my accent.

Katy: Where are you from?

Allison: I’m from Ohio

Katy: Oh you are? I love Ohio.

Allison: Oh do you?

Katy: Well I spent some time in Akron . . . why are you in Australia?

I blinked, realizing the wrong person was doing the interview, but how do you interrupt Katy Perry? I gave her a quick answer then moved onto my question.

Allison: So . . . what do you hope your movie brings to your fans?

Katy: A more human connection.

Allison: That’s fantastic.

Katy: Yeah, just because I think that Hollywood’s really fake, and I try not to be part of that. That’s why I left in those awful scenes where I look bloated and fat and zitty, because sometimes I am! (she laughs)

Allison: Well you look fantastic!

Katy: Thanks!

Katy was confident and stunning. Her form-fitting Versace dress accentuated her figure and with such a flawless complexion and healthy glow, we wanted to know her beauty secrets.

Katy: My beauty secrets are a lot of sleep, at least eight hours . . . drink lots of water . . . lots of vitamins, vitamin B, iron, C, I take a multi-vitamin, I take vitamin D, because I don’t go out in the sun because I’m Goth . . . um, and I actually believe in washing your face before you go to bed, waking up washing your face, working out – all the good things, you know eating green things, vegetables you know . . . I love chicken nuggets . . . but I still love vegetables.

What’s the one product she can’t live without?

Katy: Actually, it would probably have to be baby wipes. Because they work in so many different ways – makeup, ass (we laugh), body, poor man’s shower, fans – everything.

Katy moved on to the next bunch of fans, spreading the joyful atmosphere throughout Event Cinemas on George Street.

We made our way to the theatre with Ricki Lee Coulter, Jack Vidgen, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Emma Birdsall, Kate Peck, Ruby Rose, Sarah DeBono, Andi Tahta, Josh Fonmoa, and Michelle Bridges. I had a chance to ask Emma Birdsall (The Voice) a couple questions.

Allison: Are you a Katy Perry fan?

Emma: I am, I’m actually a huge fan. No one expects it, but I love her, I think she’s fantastic.

Allison: Do you have a favorite song of hers?

Emma: I love the originals, I love California Girls – that’s like, classic Katy Perry and Teenage Dream too.

We filled the theatre, and Katy later joined us to start the film. On entering, a fan’s clothing caught her attention.

Katy: Oh my gosh, you are wearing my outfit!

She gave the dressed up fan a mock glare.

Katy: Stay out of my closet (everyone laughs), I’m just kidding.

She smiled at the crowd and held up a pair of special, red 3D glasses shaped like hearts.

Katy: Do you all have your glasses? Are you all ready? (cries of, yes) Are you ready to laugh? (cheering) You’re not ready to cry – nooo, but you’re ready to sing a lot (fans scream with joy). And you swear you know all the words? Because I’m going to be watching you guys and if you fib on the words . . . I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t do that to Australians.

Exuberant cries of, ‘Katy we love you!’ filled the theatre. Katy hugged an excited fan that was crying from joy.

Katy: Aww thank you (laughs). I have Australian tears on me now.

Another crowd formed around her and it was amazing to see a sea of smiles caused by one person.

With a nod from a producer the movie had to start and Katy, ever smiling, got everyone ready.

Katy: Alright, hey. Everyone sit down, (laughs) simmer down.

Fans flocked to their seats, sitting down so obediently, it would make a teacher cry from envy.

Katy: (joking and lowering her hands) Maintain composure – represent your country well. I love you too and I’m very excited for you to see this film in Sydney! Alright you ready? Set, – hey I love you! (laughs) Thanks guys, I’ll see you on tour okay? Thanks for coming to my premiere!

Katy gave one last, brilliant smile before the lights dimmed, and fans were treated to the 3D experience of Katy Perry: Part of Me. While the movie is great for fans, nothing beats the experience of seeing this friendly, kind, and energetic woman appreciate the fans that made her.

Excuse the pun, but Katy is a firework. Bright, celebratory, and a light that guides the masses to a happier place. She was a delight to meet and an incredible individual.

You can see the star on and off stage in Katy Perry: Part of Me, in cinemas July 2!


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