Mila Kunis is “Miss Elegant” for Elle UK’s August 2012 Issue

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In a complete contrast to her Glamour Magazine cover (check it out here), Mila Kunis is Miss Elegant on the cover of Elle UK’s August 2012 issue as photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Leith Clark.

The inside editorial titled “What a Girl Wants” features five images of Mila and interview where she shares what it was like coming to America when she was seven and didn’t speak a word of English, enrolling in acting classes and growing from a child start to who she is today:

Being Mila: “Part of me just wants to adopt a persona that I think people would like. But I am who I am; I’m too lazy to try to be something I’m not.”

On Swearing: “There is a small group of people who don’t like women being crude but they need to get over that. Lots of men still don’t see women as funny.” (even after the incredible success of Bridesmaids).

Dating: “Yes I’m totally single.” After eight years with Macauley Culkin (they broke up in 2011), Mila is happily being single, trying to a “normal single girl” … she says she’s definitely not dating Ashton Kutcher they’ve been friends for 15 years and Justin Timberlake is one of her best friends, that’s it, best friends!

For more, visit Elle UK’s website, I like her even more!

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