Catherine Saxelby’s Complete Food & Nutrition A-Z Companion is a Must for Every Household

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I’m incredibly passionate about health and wellbeing, it’s something that I’ve been anal about for a very long time, but I admit I lost my way for a while when I got sick and struggled to recover from that but I’m back on track now and I’m so glad I put the effort back in to get my good health back because if we don’t have our health, we don’t really have much else in my opinion. We need to be in good health to do and enjoy everything that goes on in our lives, whether it’s good, bad or even indifferent.

The reason why I personally love Catherine Saxelby’s A-Z Guide on Food & Nutrition is because it’s easy to use, very practical and it covers a wide range of topics from the simple to the more complex in such an easy to understand way, I guarantee you’ll be flicking through the pages time and time again.

To navigate the world of health these days is full of conflicting information, my personal philosophy is to eat as much unprocessed food as possible, combine my day with some movement whether it’s incidental or scheduled exercise, lots of fluids such as water or green tea, and a variety of foods so that I don’t get bored and I don’t eat sugar, see Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar or Christine Cronau’s The Fat Revolution, these are the two eating philosophies I personally follow as well as Miranda Kerr’s 80/20 rule, 80% of the time I’m healthy and 20% of the time I have ‘treats’ but my treats these days are different, they are healthy treats and they still should be treated as ‘treats’ and not something we eat everyday even though we would love to đŸ™‚ I also recommend you check out Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics blog, it’s bursting at the seams with goodness including recipes from the release of her Mum, Therese Kerr’s new book, Lunchbox Solutions.

But back to Catherine Saxelby’s book, as Catherine herself says, and I agree, we are suffering from malnutrition in the midst of plenty, the rapid increase of many modern lifestyle diseases; obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer that we should all really be concerned about. We have control over how we look after our physical health and if you need to start somewhere, start with this book.  There’s over 500 entries covering whole foods, processed foods, additives, nutrients, supplements and more, this is the ultimate family reference for good health and nutrition.

Catherine Saxelby, Australia’s most respected nutritionist who oozes good health has been a leading nutritionist for over 20 years, educating a generation of Australians about healthy eating and getting the most from their diet.She has written seven books including the best seller “Nutrition for Life” which sold more than a quarter of a million copies which means you can trust the information.

Everyone that I’ve mentioned above are true advocates (like myself) to good health, we deserve our own advocacy so start taking some baby steps for your health!

Available now: Hardie Grant RRP$45.00

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