Film Review: Magic Mike … It’s Very Hot in Here!!

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Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Munn, Cody Horn, Matthew McConaughey
Sassi’s Star Rating:

You know it’s not an average day at work when two finer male specimens throw off their vests and start grinding against your peers. Guests at Monday’s advanced screening of Magic Mike were treated to a little pre-show entertainment from Sydney’s best and brightest. And with the audience already hot and bothered before the lights went out, the tension was palpable when the real action started.

Blue-collar Mike (Channing Tatum): aspiring furniture designer by day, successful exotic dancer by night. Mike dreams of owning his own business but can’t raise the capital, so he moonlights in an all male review run by the one and only Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). God Bless the American dream.

When Mike meets the down on his luck Adam (Alex Pettyfer) he gets him a job working behind the scenes at the venue. But Adam soon discovers he is better at centre stage then behind it, and delves into the world of stripping.

This is much to the chagrin of his hard working sister (Cody Horn) who cannot understand the appeal of Adam’s new profession. But Alex is swayed by the cash, the women, and the brotherhood; as well as the prospect of no longer sleeping on his sister’s couch.

Magic Mike is not a film just for the fairer audience members, but just in case any of those fairer audience members were wondering there is a lot of quality talent in the bill. Matt Bomer (White Collar), Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami) and Joe Manganiello (True Blood) all take their turns on the stage and work it like nobody’s business. The stand out is of course actor/producer Tatum, who based the film on his experiences working as an exotic dancer before he found fame with films such as Step Up and 21 Jump St. The charismatic lead builds off a recent record of smart film choices with another sure fire hit.

Filled with witty dialogue and solid performances Magic Mike has more depth then the ads would have you believe. This reviewer was pleasantly surprised.

Grab your girlfriends and make room for a pre-drinks screening this weekend.

Magic Mike is in cinemas now


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