Film Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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Directed by: Timur Bekmambetov
Starring: Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Erin Wasson
Sassi’s Star Rating: 2.5/5

From the man who brought you Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes the story of one of the most renowned figures in American politics, and the vampires he swore to slay.

Honest Abe in his stovepipe hat, welding a silver-tipped axe dripping in vampire blood.


Based on the best selling novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter tells the story of Lincoln’s rise to presidency and a country defining civil war amidst a darker, supernatural one.

Seeing his mother murdered in cold blood by a vampire as a boy, Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) grows up with revenge in his heart. On the verge of killing his mother’s attacker, Abe is approached by Henry (Dominic Cooper) a versed vampire slayer. Henry takes Abe under his wing, and trains him to become an unstoppable vampire killing machine.

It’s a curious film that looks to convince you that the civil war was actually fought between a north that believed in racial equality, and a south infiltrated with powerful vampires whom needed the blood of an underdog slave class to survive. History buff’s blood may boil, but fantasy enthusiasts will be intrigued.

Supermodel Erin Wasson takes a turn as Vadoma, the take-no-prisoners vampiress hell bent on taking Abe and Henry down. The American beauty translates well on screen so watch this space for more roles to come. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) stars as Abe’s love interest Mary.

Full of action, special effects, and lots of gore; Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is in cinemas now.


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