Abbey Lee Kershaw is Sunday Magazine’s Stylish Cover Girl

| 3 August , 2012 | Reply

We haven’t seen much of Abbey Lee Kershaw recently not as much as we are used to, except for her Portman’s gig and a couple of international editorials and her Australian Vogue cover and editorial, she’s been rather quiet on the fashion front as per is her usual jam packed diary for photoshoots. Although her ‘dicky knee‘ has probably had something to do with it but she did recently surface on-set for Mad Max 4: Fury Road as reported here by Frockwriter and she does play in her band Our Mountain but may be she’s just taking a well earned break! Anyway, enough with the waffling, here she is on the cover of the Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday Magazine for August 5, hopefully there’s an interview alongside an editorial so we can get the updated goss from her.

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