Book Review: Fracture, Megan Miranda

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Delaney Maxwell should be dead.

Her heart stopped beating and her brain shut down…

Eleven minutes pass before she is pulled from the icy waters of a frozen lake. Delaney’s body is the kind of blue found on corpses in the morgue, but then something incredible happens; she starts breathing…

Fracture by Megan Miranda is a thrilling YA novel, with a dash of the paranormal, a healthy dose of romance and nice sprinkling of family drama.

This book reminds me a bit of the TV show Tru Calling; it has the same foreboding feel. Readers are instantly swept up into the story, as they witness Delaney’s fall and the moment she awakens.

The doctors are at a loss to understand Delaney’s recovery. Her brain is damaged, but she is able to walk and talk like nothing has happened. Delaney knows that something is wrong. Especially when she starts developing unusual abilities that have her parents wondering if she is going crazy.

There is also a complicated relationship between Delaney and her best friend, Decker: it’s clear from that start that there could possibly be something more hiding beneath their label of ‘just friends’, but neither one knows how to make the first move. And now there’s a new guy in town, Troy Varga. He keeps showing up in the strangest of places, yet appears to be the only person who understands Delaney’s condition.

Fracture is fast-paced and filled with a dark, chilling air. It will have you questioning the characters motives and leave you wondering: what would you do if you had Delaney’s abilities?

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$15.99


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