Book Review: Second Chance Summer, Morgan Matson

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When the going gets tough, Taylor Edwards gets going.

But then her dad gets some bad news and her whole family decides to head back to their old lake house. It’s a place she hasn’t been in five years. Taylor isn’t happy about returning, especially when it means confronting her past and all the people she thought she’d left behind.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson is a heart-warming story about family, friends, first loves and the magic of summer. It’s about a girl who has spent her life running away and her journey to finding out exactly where she needs to be: it’s a summer of second chances.

I don’t even know where to start without sounding like a schoolgirl gushing over a new crush, because that’s what this is; Matson, you’re my new crush (well, you and Henry).

Arriving in Lake Phoenix, Taylor heads down to the dock and runs into is the last person she wants to see: her old boyfriend, Henry. It’s a cold reception; Henry makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. And on top of that there is a strange dog hanging around her driveway, she’s stuck in seclusion with her family and no one is willing to acknowledge the real reason they are all there. It all has Taylor wondering how she is ever going to get through the summer.

There is a bit of Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song in here, but you won’t even notice that as the novel is so enthralling that the characters bring summer to right to your fingertips. Breathe in the fresh air, while standing on the dock. Then sit down to run your fingers over a carving in the wood, ‘Henry + Taylor 4ever’, and later, relax on the beach watching Friday night movies.

Second Chance Summer is the type of story that you just want to carry with you everywhere. It will bring a smile to your lips and break your heart. Everything is beautifully plotted out, so that all your emotions are hit at just the right time.

Matson will have you clinging to this summer … and every one that came before it.

Available now: Simon & Schuster RRP$16.99



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