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I’m a strong believer in the power of our minds and the power of our bodies and the way they connect together to help us stay on our true path to authenticity and of course our destiny. Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” book has been my little bible for 20+ years, (it’s sold more than 50 million copies worldwide and Louise healed herself of cancer many years ago) it has been a brilliant guide to helping me figure out what’s going on in my life when things just weren’t working.

I believe that our physical body is bringing to our attention a message that we are not hearing internally, so by the time it has manifested into our physical body means that we really haven’t been listening and we need to listen and change our patterns, thoughts or the way we are doing something because it’s just not working. I truly could not live without this little book, it’s been such a gift even when I didn’t like hearing what it was telling me!

So when I was offered to have a look at The Secret Language of Your Body and The Secret Language of Colour Cards by Inna Segal, (who also healed herself of unbearable torturous back pain that left her barely able to walk) I was wondering how they could be different or better than Louise Hay.

I’m hooked, I’ve been using the book for the past few months and I love it. It’s consistent in it’s insights of what each ailment means that Louise Hay has referenced but it’s more in-depth and provides easy practical advice empowering you to self-heal and remove blockages in a very simple way.

For example, my hair had been falling out in clumps for months, it was getting thinner by the day, and would clog the drain in the shower and fill the bin. In Anna’s book she describes “hair” as your insulation and protection. It represents beauty, creativity, self-worth and self-love. When there is too much tension in the scalp from thinking, worrying, being afraid, holding onto anger, frustration, guilt, resentment or sadness, hair starts falling out or changes colour. That is the body’s way of showing you that what you are doing is not working.

I knew what she was saying hit the nail on the head exactly, pardon the pun, taking into account what was going on in my life at the time. So I started following her instructions (p.67 in the book), massaging the scalp, repeating her “Divine Healing” mantra so that I could clear the negative energies that were my causing this extreme hair loss and working with highlighted emotions as recommended (stress, fear, criticism, guilt – you can choose which one resonates with you further inside the book and do that healing process) and working with colour healing (white, purple, green magenta – once again choosing one that resonates with you from the Colour Cards), and my hair has stopped falling out. What falls out now, is just normal hair loss and my hair has thickened up again.

Not only did I manage to ‘heal’ myself, the book highlighted to me what was going on in my life that just wasn’t working, and I needed to make those changes too. It wasn’t just about stopping my hair from falling out, it was addressing the issues that my rapid rise to becoming bald wanted me to address.

Inna’s book is broken down into Physical Ailments (ie. body parts affected), Emotions (what you’re feeling), Body Systems and Colours. Depending on what’s going on for you, whether it’s a physical ailment or an emotional state, check what you’ve identified at that time and read Inna’s explanation, see if it resonates with you and get processing. Even if it doesn’t, as you tap deeper into your vibrational energy levels you will naturally start to become more and more in-tune with what’s going on for you.

Use the book and cards as a reference guide to help you understand how your feelings, experiences and thoughts influence your physical, mental and emotional health. Definitely don’t under-estimate the effectiveness of the exercises due to their simplicity.  And don’t forget, you may be feeling stressed, depressed or frustrated without experiencing physical symptoms, so just go to the emotions sections and use those processes to help you release that emotion and see what else could be going on for you. It’s important to visualise taking the negative emotions out of your body and throwing them into an imaginary bin … it helps with the healing process and letting go.

Also note that healing can take time, it can happen quickly but if it’s taking time don’t despair, be patient and keep repeating the processes regularly. Our life is a journey, things are always going to crop up for us on our journey, this is how we grow. And for those of you who are healthy and well (I myself am very healthy and well), you know that we all need more balance and peace in our lives, clear your nervous system, improve your immune system, there is always something that can be improved, no one’s perfect 🙂

Yes I still refer to my Louise Hay book, I use it to check in on something quickly if it resonates as important I’ll refer to Inna’s book and spend some time doing the processes to release the issue.  You can read a lovely story by Sarah Wilson who was lucky enough to meet Louise, it’s worth the read, here and you can purchase her book here.

To learn more about Inna Segal, her books and her workshops, you can visit her website here: www.innasegal.com, to purchase The Secret Language Book and Colour Cards, go here and here.

And come back and let me know how you go, life changing, we love life changing!

Love, Light & Abundance


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