Exclusive First Look: We Chat to Michelle Bridges about her New Fitness Range ONEactive & All Things Good Health

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Biggest Loser Trainer, personal trainer and health and wellbeing inspirational role model, Michelle Bridges, has just released a new range of fitness apparel, footwear and exercise equipment, ONEactive by Michelle Bridges, sold exclusively at Big W and it’s for everyONE!

Michelle shared in a statement which sums up her range perfectly:

“ONEactive was designed with everyONE in mind – whether you’re already in shape or just starting on your fitness journey, if you want to walk, do weights, or dance”, said Michelle.”

The ONEactive by Michelle Bridges range features workout apparel that is designed to flatter with pops of vibrant turquoise and coral against black, white and grey. Choose from chic colour-contrast details, on-trend cut outs, high performance racer backs and supportive contouring panels:

“One of my favourite tips for kick starting your fitness is to put your workout gear on first thing in the morning – you’ll move quicker. You’ll be more inclined to be more active throughout the day”.

We were lucky enough to chat to Michelle and get the lowdown on her new collaboration as well as some handy hints to get summer ready and her passion for everyone’s wellbeing really came through strongly, I loved hearing how authentic she was:

Sassi: Congratulations on your collaboration, what a perfect fit, I really love the look of it!

Michelle: Thank you, I’m very excited about the range and we’re already working on our next collection and it’s even better!

Sassi: How’d the collaboration come about?

Michelle: Designing a range of training gear was something I always wanted to do, I’m really passionate about what I do and about being able to bring fitness to everyone. I’ve been a Brand Ambassador for Nike and Addidas and was honoured to have been asked, but I really wanted to bring my range to everyone so Big W was a perfect fit as long as we had the quality that I wanted to bring to the collection. The branding, ‘one’ was the first thing that popped into my head and the last, you’ve got one chance at life, one shot, so “ONEactive” it became.

Sassi: What was the three most important aspects that you wanted to incorporate into the collection?

Michelle: Firstly, I wanted to ‘walk the talk’ and make sure the collection came from “Michelle” ie. I wanted to be heavily involved, I didn’t want to just put my name to something, I wanted to be part of the design process, the branding, everything. I know what works and doesn’t work so I wanted to make sure that experience was utilised.  Secondly, I was adamant about having a good quality range that looked and felt good. We had to jump through a number of hoops to get the right cuts and we made mistakes but we got there. And thirdly, it had to be available to everyone, with reasonable price points and we cater for up to size 26. There are many women out there who want to turn their life around but there’s nothing for them to wear to train in and it was important to me that I catered for them too and support them on their journey.

Sassi: Top five tips for turning your life around and sticking with it


  1. Consistency: forming habits and rituals is what keeps you on track. Everyday doesn’t have to be a ‘gut busting’ day, some days are harder than others, but it’s just the consistency of doing something to convert it into a habit.
  2. Shopping list: before you hit the store, have a list of what you need, go in get what’s on the list and leave. On my 12 week program, I give all my clients a shopping list to work from. It keeps you from buying things that you don’t need.
  3. One big shop: do a big shop once a week and make sure you always shop on a full stomach, never shop when you’re hungry, it’s too tempting to buy things that you don’t need. Then during the week do another small top up for fresh produce.
  4. Be prepared & organised: on the weekend, cook up some ready made meals to put into the freezer so that if you come home and you don’t feel like cooking you’ve got something healthy to reheat.
  5. Know your weaknesses: identify your weaknesses and then get smart. Accept and acknowledge them and then outmaneuver and avoid them.

Sassi: What’s a good food to nourish the body for muscle support. I find I get really hungry the more I exercise.

Michelle: I recommend kangaroo, it’s a protein super food.  It’s super lean, really filling, low in calories, high in iron, cheap and good for the environment. You need to learn how to cook it, a good way to start is slicing it thinly through a salad, like you do with beef.  It has the same calories as white fish, as a guide, 100 gms of white fish = 100 calories, 100 gms chicken = 150 calories and 100gms beef = 200 calories, super lean.

Sassi: What are you favourite forms of exercise?

Michelle: I love mixing it up, before my injury I loved Crossfit, but right now I’m loving Body Attack, Body Pump and Boxing.

Sassi: What’s in your gym bag?

Michelle: ONEactive clothing, shoes and equipment 🙂 my water bottle, towel, ipod, gym membership card, heart rate monitor and my training plan.

Sassi: What key messages do you have to encourage people to put their health and wellbeing onto the priority list?

Michelle: Get rid of the excuses, be accountable, become an adult and not be a teenager about your health. Schedule exercise into your life, go to bed earlier. Patterns are hard to change and break but we can do it, but don’t expect to do it overnight, it’s a big ship to turnaround, not a dingy.  Have the confidence that you can do it.

Sassi: Biggest Loser, will we see it again in 2013? What do you love about Biggest Loser?

Michelle: Nothing is confirmed at this stage, but we are in discussions and if we go ahead, you’ll see me with my ONEactive gear on!  I love seeing people turn their lives around and feel better about themselves.

The apparel collection was designed specifically to flatter women of different body shapes, with styles in sizes 8-16 and 18-26, priced between $15.95 and $35. Footwear in coordinating colours from just $30. And don’t forget the range of essential fitness equipment featuring everything from fitness mats to kettle bells in fashionable tones of pink, red, purple, and orange paired with charcoal grey and black.

ONEactive by Michelle Bridges will be in-store nationally at BIG W from August 23rd (yes tomorrow), for your nearest Big W store, you can call 1300 244 999 or visit their website: www.bigw.com.au. And to learn more about Michelle, to participate in her 12 week body transformation program, purchase one of her books, just visit her website: www.michellebridges.com.au.

Be inspired to look after your health and wellbeing, it’s important, we only have one life!

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