Road Testing Cadbury’s New Double Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse Bars

| 23 August , 2012 | Reply

The end of winter is nigh and as the days become warmer, the comfort of hot chocolate will soon no longer be a necessary luxury. Still, the taste of smooth, creamy cocoa isn’t any less divine and there’s no reason we have to part from that heavenly sensation come this spring time (literally just around the corner).

Cadbury, bless their souls, are helping us to make the transition from winter to spring with their two newest additions created especially for women; Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate Mousse. Loving the raspberry flavour the best, these delightful little pillow confections magically melt away into a pool of melt in the mouth bliss as the liquid coulis mixes in with succulent mousse chocolate texture inside and solid chocolate outside, packing together a rich taste and sugar sensation that gives you an instant sugar high straight into Joyville!

These two newest flavours join Cadbury’s existing mousse collection; Milk Mousse Chocolate, Milk Mousse Hazelnut and Milk Mousse Caramel, available in 160g blocks at RRP$4.19. The Double Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate flavours are available in 145g packs at RRP$3.99 – what’s with the smaller packaging though Cadbury??


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