The Complete Low Down on Elizabeth Arden’s New Visible Difference Skin Care Range

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Iconic beauty brand Elizabeth Arden have taken their 100 years of experience and gone back to basics for their newest skincare line, Visible Difference. As well as giving themselves a little facelift along the way, their new range is a spa-inspired, regimen-focused essential skincare line.

There’s nothing we love more than a visit to a Day Spa (it’s our dream to walk through the Big Red Door and spend the day at Elizabeth Arden’s famed Day Spa in New York), and the new Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Care Range is inspired by the regimen focus of day spa facials, with a key focus on a four part daily treatment process for your skin type. As an added bonus they’ve taken the jargon out of buying beauty products by keeping it simple.

Researchers found that many women were turned off by advanced technical terminology when it came to shopping around for skincare. So, EA concentrated on creating a line where choosing the right product and understanding its benefits would be a much simpler process. The three regimes come with dedicated products specifically for Oily, Dry and Combination skin types and feature four key products to Cleanse, Tone, Treat and Hydrate the skin as well as key specialist products as add-ons to your regime.

The Oil Free Regimen helps to minimise oil and balance moisture. The lightweight hydration given by the products helps to control shine and refine your pores. The result is smooth, soft-to-touch and glowing skin. The regimen contains Oil Free Cleanser (RRP $40), Oil Free Toner (RRP $40), and Oil Free Lotion (RRP $78).

The Skin Balancing Regimen is a line designed for combination skin balancing the fine line between oil control and hydration. The regimen includes a gentle exfoliating cleanser (RRP $40) and a toner (RRP $40) to repair and revitalise your skin naturally. The range also includes a Skin Balancing Lotion (RRP $78) and Skin Balancing Night Cream (RRP $86).

The Gentle Hydrating Regimen is perfect for those who suffer from dry and flaky skin. Soothe your parched skin with restorative and balancing products that infuse moisture in the skin’s surface levels. This four step regimen removes impurities and gets deep within the skin to provide moisture that results in a healthy, hydrated appearance. The range includes a cleanser (RRP $40), toner (RRP $40), day cream (RRP $78) and night cream (RRP $86).

For an added boost to these regimens, the line contains specialised treatments to give your skin that extra special treat:

Tired and worn eyes can be brightened and revitalised with the Brightening Eye Gel (RRP $65) and the Moisturising Eye Cream (RRP $65). Dull skin can be rejuvenated with the Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Mask (RRP $55), and given an extra moisture hit with the Hydrating Boost Night Mask (RRP $50). Take that facial fresh glow with you all day long with the Good Morning Retexturising Primer (RRP $62) or the Optimising Skin Serum (RRP $89). The serum (designed for all skin types,) contains a retinol derivative which invigorates skin so that it can absorb nutrients from the other products therefore optimising your regime.

Our Thoughts

We’ve been road testing the Gentle Hydrating Regimen and it’s lovely, except for the slight fragrance – you know personally we’re not fans of facial products with fragrances in them – it’s not a strong over powering fragrance so if your skin is used to a fragrance you will be fine. The hero products that we love is the Optimizing Skin Serum, a light cream serum as opposed to a gel serum, soaks into the skin quickly. Wearing it underneath the Gentle Hydrating Night Cream (which is rich and creamy in texture) has the skin looking and feeling incredibly plumped and dewy, ready to do all the hard work while you’re sleeping.  We also particularly love the cream cleanser, gentle yet effective in removing your make up and dirt from the day.  Gasp, I know but we find there’s no need for the Moisturising Eye Cream because the Night Cream and Serum is plenty enough but if you love your eye creams, you will love this one, rich and creamy and doesn’t sting the eyes – you’d be surprised we’ve used some eye creams that have stung our eyes!  And the two masks, we love masks, the Revitalizing Mask has a pink honey like consistency to it, goes on really easily and doesn’t dry and pull the skin like some masks can do. It comes with a groovy applicator, you let it dry for 15-20 minutes and then peel off upwards from the jawline and rinse off excess with water, incredibly gentle and effective.  We love Hydrating Masks and the Hydration Boost Night Mask is a creamy clay type mask, pop it on leave for 15-20 minutes, rinse off with your cleanser and finish off with your Tone and Moisturise. Skin is plumped and hydrated.

Complete range breakdown:

Visible Difference Combination Skin Regimen

  • Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser, 125 ml RRP$40.00
  • Visible Difference Skin Balancing Toner, 200 ml RRP$40.00
  • Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion, 50 ml RRP$78.00
  • Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15, 50 ml RRP$78.00
  • Visible Difference Skin Balancing Night Cream, 50 ml RRP$86.00

Visible Difference Oily Skin Regimen

  • Visible Difference Oil-Free Cleanser, 125 ml RRP$40.00
  • Visible Difference Oil-Free Toner, 200 ml RRP$40.00
  • Visible Difference Oil-Free Lotion, 50 ml RRP$78.00

Visible Difference Dry Skin Regimen

  • Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, 125 ml RRP$40.00
  • Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Toner, 125 ml RRP$40.00
  • Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cream, 50 ml RRP$78.00
  • Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cream SPF 15, 50 ml RRP$78.00
  • Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Night Cream, 50 ml RRP$86.00

Visible Difference Specialist Treatments

  • Brightening Eye Gel, 15 ml RRP$65.00
  • Moisturizing Eye Cream (Fragrance-Free), 15ml RRP$65.00
  • Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum, 30 ml RRP$89.00
  • Good Morning Retexturizing Primer, 15ml RRP$62.00
  • Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Mask, 50ml RRP$55.00
  • Hydration Boost Night Mask, 75ml RRP$50.00

Check out the video from Elizabeth Arden explaining the back to basics skin care range:

This is a really lovely range of skincare and if you are confused and want something really simple to understand and use and importantly really good price points then you will love the new Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Care Range.  Available now at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies nationally. 

Excitingly, Elizabeth Arden currently have a competition running for you and a friend to be flown to New York and spend a week there and of course time in their Day Spa, enter here: and if you win, you have to take me – closes at 17:00 (AEDT) on 31 December 2012.

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