Bond No. 9’s New Fragrance, “Manhattan”

| 28 August , 2012 | Reply

Bond No. 9 are releasing a new fragrance titled “Manhattan” next month.  The after-hours eau de parfum dedicated to the city that never sleeps features;  Top notes: Mouthwatering nutmeg … worldly saffron, evoking dried flowers … delicate coriander seeds—softened with the addition of luscious, mouthwatering peach. Heart Notes: Sweet honeycomb, made from the nectar of flowers, mingles with black plum, hinting of chocolate, and a warm and inviting gingerbread accord. Moroccan jasmine, the sole flower at the center of this scent, itself evokes the aura of peaches or ripe bananas. And the drydown: Creamy, velvety-smooth sandalwood; rich, balsamic patchouli; a soft and warm vanilla infusion; and unapologetically sensual, skin-like musk.

Available from September at their website.

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