Book Review: Assassin, Tara Moss

| 5 September , 2012 | 1 Reply

Just like the heroine, this book is incredible – sexy and seductive, Assassin by Tara Moss, packs a punch from the very first page.

Fans of the series will need no introduction to Makedde ‘Mak’ Vanderwall, former Canadian supermodel turned forensic psychologist. Her friends and family haven’t heard from her in months, since she took off and moved to Paris, after entangling herself in a scandal with a billionaire family.

If you haven’t read the series before, don’t fret – the whole Cavanagh family saga and how Mak came to be involved in it is explained quite quickly, so you’ll have no trouble catching up.

Mak’s friends presume her to be dead, but when we find her, you learn that she isn’t. She is laying low on the streets of Paris, transformed. When she learns about the hit put out on her, 500 000 Euros she suddenly knows she has no one to trust but herself. Anyone is a potential killer, following her through Europe, no matter where she hides.

The book is so thrilling, and you can’t help but sit on the edge of your seat as you are swept through the underbelly of Europe with Mak, as she finds a way back home.

At the same time, criminal profiler Andy Flynn, Mak’s former on-again off-again flame, is working in Sydney on the trail of a vicious rapist. While he struggles with the loss of Mak, his case unfolds, with connections to the Stiletto Killer, becoming unsettling. The Stiletto Killer is one case that has always haunted him since the beginning of the series, and its reappearance threatens to send him over the edge.

Meanwhile, Mak finally makes her way back to Australia but her trauma is far from over. Familiar faces crop up, as Mak learns that even the streets of her adopted home town are not safe. Deceit and corruption is everywhere she turns, as Mak struggles to find someone to trust. No longer just a criminal psychologist, Mak is a caged animal, turning to death and destruction when her survival calls for it. She is virtually unrecognisable from the heroine everyone once loved.

The story hurtles towards a dizzying climax that leaves you breathless. Mak is forced to take matters into her own hands to protect everyone she loves. Watch out for that OMG ending – you won’t see it coming.

Assassin incorporates themes that are a lot darker than the earlier books – you watch as Mak fights her dark side, necessary for her own survival. She struggles with incomprehensible crimes, living in the underbelly in a way we’ve never seen before, while she fights to keep a grip on her humanity. It’s both disturbing and exciting to read as our beloved heroine becomes, at times, a dangerous stranger. At the same time it manages to be sexy, and seductive and sweep you entirely you off your feet.

Available now: HarperCollins RRP$29.99 and we were lucky enough to chat to Tara about all things Books, Life, and What’s Next here.


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