Book Review: Morgan’s Law, Karly Lane

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London advertising executive Sarah Murphy is at the top of her game, with her dream job in reaching distance, when she is abruptly called back to Australia for her Gran’s funeral, in the opening to Karly Lane’s latest novel Morgan’s Law. Sarah was always closer to her Gran than to her own mother, so when her Gran’s last wishes call for her ashes to be scattered under the “wishing tree” in the tiny, remote Queensland town of Negallan, she finds she has to follow her heart and put her career on hold to fulfil this last request. But Sarah is curious – why would Gran want to be remembered in Negallan, who- or what is out there? She had never spoken of this town before and Sarah finds she is in possession of a family mystery – as well as her Gran’s ashes in an urn.

So she drives off from Sydney, aiming north. Within sight of Negallan, Sarah nearly crashes her car off the road while trying to avoid a herd of cattle, and has to be rescued by hunky farmer Adam Buchanan. But once she reaches town all thoughts of the gorgeous Adam leave her as she tries to find out more about Eliza Jones, her grandmother. But nobody seems to have heard of her. Frustrated, Sarah starts showing around the one photo she has of her Gran as a young girl, and to her surprise the girl is identified as Rose Morgan, long-lost daughter of one of the oldest families in the area.

Suddenly equipped with a family in Negallan, Sarah tries to find out why Rose/Eliza would have left town in such a hurry when she was just nineteen years old, and just where is this wishing tree. She finds herself increasingly distracted though, by the townsfolk and their quirks of character, so much so that she decides to pitch in and help them bring the old abandoned cotton gin back to working order, to breathe some life back into the town and the local community. Gradually she finds herself drawn into the town and its battles, and in particular she seems to be losing a battle to stay clear of Adam Buchanan.

But her stay in Negallan is only meant to be temporary, and with her advertising career in London calling her, she desperately needs to find this wishing tree, and sort out what she feels for hunky Adam. A typical Aussie bush love story, this will have you reaching for the nearest cuppa while you stretch your legs out and enjoy it.

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$29.99


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