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We saw a sneak peek at Megan Gale’s Spring/Summer 2012/13 Isola Swimwear Collection a month or so ago and we were so excited, once again she’s outdone herself with her latest swimwear collection and we were lucky enough to chat 1:1 with Megan in this exclusive interview.  The Mexican inspired new collection features the glamboyant Pia Miller as the new face of Isola and the campaign was photographed by Steven Chee at “Rockridge” in Palm Beach.

Sassi: Megan, tell us all about the inspiration and key story for this season? (ie. where are we all jetting off to this season) 🙂

Megan: This season’s collection is inspired by one of my all time favourite places that I’ve visited – the picturesque coastal town of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. I wanted the collection to be fun and playful while having a sophisticated, grown up feel to it and reflect the vibrancy, colour and excitement of Mexico.

Sassi: Pia Miller is the face of Isola for SS12, we are big fans of Pia and think she’s the perfect ambassador, what does Pia represent to you and Isola and why was she the perfect match for SS12?

Megan: I wanted someone who was classy yet  sexy, aspirational while being approachable and curvy but also fit, toned and healthy. I also wanted someone that was at an age where she would be young enough for my customer around the late teens – early 20’s could look up to but also someone who was mature enough that my customers in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond could relate to. With juggling a busy career, being a Mum to 2 young boys and also devoted a wife, I think a lot of women can relate to Pia. She really did tick all the boxes for me – it was a no-brainer.

Sassi: What key trends are we seeing this season?

Megan: In terms of colour, vibrant stand out colours are alive and well – citrus tones like yellow and orange, jewel tones including deep blues and turquoise and also the classic “non-colour” white is very hot – it’s an ever popular go to option! Florals are EVERYWHERE. With silhouettes, balconette bikini tops are very popular, one pieces are still on trend and this season there is a huge demand for singlet tops – of which I have added quite a few, very non – “mumsy” and super chic choices into this range.

Sassi: I know how fit is a key focus for your collections, so what changes have you made this season if any? Have you introduced any new styles or ‘features’?

Megan: There are a few changes and yes fit and structure of the garment is always a priority for me. As I have proven to cater quite well for women with a bigger bust, I have added a DD cup bandeau which has remarkable support for a top without straps. Also a new E cup style features in a couple of stories as well as an E cup singlet and one piece style. I get so many requests to increase up to F,G and H cups but I can’t get too ahead of myself – these specialty fit styles need to be worked on a lot and perfected. I hope to be able to upsize in the future to cater to this particular customers’ needs.

Sassi: Florals, you know I’m such a big fan of your florals you choose each season, hello Serafina and Tropicana love, tell us why we need to have at least one floral swimsuit in our wardrobes this summer?

Megan: Florals are one of the key trends, if not THE key trend, for SS12, especially regarding swimwear. I have included several interpretations on florals to appeal to different women and give plenty of choice. “Botanica” is a soft feminine pastel floral, “Serafina” is very bright with pop colours “Fiesta” is a hand painted water colour effect bloom and “Tropicana” is a digitally printed jungle inspired mash up of flowers and foliage with a bit of animal print blended through in the one piece. There are SO many options when it comes to florals with Isola.

Sassi: It looks like you’ve extended your resort wear selection and going a bit more fashion forward for example the jumpsuits, was this range extension received well last year? What’s your pick for one must have resort piece?

Megan: Isola resort wear pieces have been very well received since the first collection especially last year which is why I have continued with it as there is that demand for it. The 100% silk kaftans and maxi dresses are particularly popular and feel quite luxe and are reasonably priced. I have added a few fun outer wear pieces too like the jumpsuit, palazzo pants and a silk shift dress. It’s important to trial different styles and silhouettes in order to gauge what my customer responds to.

Sassi: Fuller figures are a growth area in fashion, what styles do you recommend for the fuller, curvier figures?  

Megan: Currently Isola goes up to a 16 DD/E cup. The DD/E cup style bikini tops one pieces and singlet tops are flattering style options which provide adequate coverage. I have also done some beautiful DD cup balconette bras which are very feminine and sexy with great bust support.

Sassi: And finishing off, we love you for your down to earth personality, glamboyant style and of course your natural beauty what are your five key lifestyle tips that you follow/use everyday to keep yourself feeling fabulous about yourself from the inside out and helps you withstand the negativity that can surround someone in the spotlight that we can use in our daily lives?

Megan: Five things that I live by to help me maintain a positive headspace and balance a hectic life style are:

  1. Exercise – it stops me from feeling sluggish, clears my mind, removes toxins and gives my heart a work out.
  2. Breathing exercises – Super important. It’s essential to be conscious of our breath. We all, without realising, can spend a lot of time breathing shallow into our chest. It ideally should be long, deep breaths into our belly. That is something I try and take time out to do every day, even if it’s just to gain focus and be centred for 10 minutes.
  3. Meditation – Another thing I try and do every day even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Our minds can race away from us – back into the past, ahead into the future and we can fall into the habit of over working the mind. To try and be present for as often as possible centres us, brings us back into ourselves and allows us to deal with things with more clarity. It’s not always easy to do and be mindful of that, I’m the first to admit that. But it’s at least good to be conscious of that.
  4. Sleep – It can’t be said enough how essential a good nights sleep is. Allowing the body and mind to switch off for a good 8 hours is so important for rest and replenishment. I try and not leave it too late to get to bed and achieving a good nights sleep can be aided by not eating too late, switching off the TV or computer at least an hour before you are trying to sleep and lowering the lights to prepare yourself to wind down.
  5. A healthy diet – Nourishing your body of all the right things is essential. I eat organic as much as I can and while I eat quite substantial amounts, I try and be conscious of everything I eat and weigh up the benefits of eating particular foods ie; what vitamins, minerals essential fats or anti oxidants am I getting from this meal. That’s not to say don’t I like a naughty treat every now and then, but it’s all about moderation. Hydrating yourself is super important too so I try and have at least 2 litres of water a day. I try not to over do it on the caffeine and drink herbal teas as well and I also take supplements daily such as zinc, magnesium and Vitamin C (these 3 keep your immune system boosted).

And check out the behind the scenes video with Megan & Pia on location:

Megan Gale’s new Spring/Summer 2012 Isola Swimwear Collection is available nationally visit the Isola website for your nearest stockist.

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