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I was lucky enough to go along to the sold out Myer Spring/Summer ’12 Fashion Show as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane last week. Labelled one of Brisbane’s most anticipated fashion and social events, of course we just had to go! Styled by Lucia Arias-Martinez, I was dazzled by the collections’ bold brights, soft pastels and rich textures from some of our favourite Australian designers, all in one spectacular showcase at the Treasury Hotel & Casino.

Just days out from the first day of spring, I naturally took a mental note of all my must-have pieces to build my dream spring wardrobe. By the looks of things, it’s going to be one colourful season! Pastels were widely featured this year and one sky blue number from Wayne Cooper caught my eye in particular – a sleek but casual off-the-shoulder dress, the epitome of ‘effortlessly chic.’

Sass & Bide pleasantly surprised me with a galactic, tight metallic dress. Although it was quite a contrast to all the sheer, flowing pieces on display, it was the perfect compliment to the many vibrant colours and eclectic prints on the catwalk. On the topic of prints, Sass & Bide awed me once again in a patterned maxi skirt, styled with a chic feathered top and blinged up with a jewelled belt.

I caught up with Myer ambassador and former Miss Universe Australia, the gorgeous Laura Dundovic, who was looking her usual fabulous self in a divine Ellery dress. Laura and I chatted about our favourite pieces on the runway and she shared her thoughts on the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2012.

Clare: Hey Laura, so tell us who are some of your favourite Aussie designers?

Laura: Well obviously Ellery, who I was lucky enough to wear tonight – amazing silhouettes and shapes with her pieces. I also love Arthur Galan, who was in the show tonight and came along, too. Great tailoring and really fresh colours! As well as that, I’ve worked with Charlie Brown for quite a while so I’m a big fan of her still. There’s so much at Myer! Sass & Bide. Oh, Magdalena Velevska really caught my eye tonight: that really bright sort of fluoro piece that came out, I thought was absolutely stunning. I’ve also been lucky enough to be dressed by Nicola Finetti a few times this year – I’m very spoilt by the Aussie designers!

Clare: What are some of your favourite trends you’ve spotted for Spring/Summer 2012?

Laura: I love the whole pastel trend. We saw a lot of brights last year and its great to still see them but I think softening to the pastels is really nice; I think pastels suit spring. Last year, the bright colours came in but the weather didn’t quite match so I think it’s quite nice and soft. I also love that whole South African sort of tribal theme and I’m looking forward to bringing quite a lot of that in with both accessories and clothing. I also love the whole metallic theme, it’s one of those great things that you can sort of take from day to night, just with how your hair and makeup’s done.

Clare: What’s a must-have piece lined up for your Spring/Summer wardrobe?

Laura: I think it’s probably going to be that Magdalena Velevska fluoro number that walked down the catwalk. I did a shoot this morning where one of the other models was wearing it and then I saw it again tonight and thought, ‘I need to get that!’

Clare: What are you most looking forward to this spring? Any big plans?

Laura: Well I’ve just gotten back from summer in Europe so this spring I’m just sort of getting back into things.

Clare: Speaking of travelling, what were your five summer essentials you packed in your suitcase for your trip?

Laura: I definitely had the sunscreen in there because the sun’s pretty strong. I use Skinactive14 which has got 30+ in it, so that was my number one thing. As well as that, a great cossie. You would have seen one of the Cozi pieces that came down: a leopard print strapless bodysuit. They’re fantastic because when you’re packing, you don’t want to take too many pieces away with you. Number three I suppose would have to be a great hat – it’s good at the moment because hats are really big so there’s such a big variety of what you can get. At the Myer show we had in Sydney, we had quite a few hats so that was fantastic. A cool pair of shades. I love a lot of the Sass & Bide ones that have been brought out. Number five would probably have to be just a great little cape. You would have seen the Sass & Bide one that came out tonight that would be perfect for a coolish sort of day, so that you could still have your arms out to enjoy the weather.

We were also lucky enough to meet up with mastermind designers Arthur Galan and Kym Ellery after the show and asked them about all the details behind their latest collections.

Arthur Galan, whose Spring/Summer pieces were a whirlwind of prints and colour, said the inspiration behind his collection was a ‘celebration of colour.’

Clare: So what key trends would you say make up your Spring/Summer collection?

Arthur: It’s really sort of mixing everything, mixing the pastels with all the brights. There’s a certain sort of chicness in the way it all goes together. Summer’s always a good time because there’s so much on and people really take that extra effort to just wear stuff that’s sort of out of the norm. The beautiful neon fringing over the blouse in tonight’s first outfit has sort of got all that brightness to it but it’s still quite chic in the way all the fringing just flows. It’s really just sort of mixing all that together and just getting boys looking really sharp.

Clare: What would have to be your favourite piece in the collection?

Arthur: I think the full Aztec suit. The Aztec tailored jacket for womenswear, the matching pant and the little Aztec silk singlet, all worn together. Just absolutely chic. It’s my favourite piece.

Clare: Do you have any big plans coming up for spring?

Arthur: We’ve just rolled out four stores in Adelaide and Perth in the last three weeks so we’ve been quite busy doing that. I think we’re going to have a bit of breather for the moment because four stores in three weeks is quite a lot so we’re just going to take it easy and see how we go.

Ellery’s Spring/Summer collection was very architectural, particularly with peplum frills. We also saw some shirtdresses, slim lines and bomber jackets hit the runway. Kym’s collection was inspired by American cults from the 70s; “I did a lot of research about all the different cults and that just kind of drew in the inspiration for the print and somewhat of the colour pallete. It was a little bit twisted but I found it kind of interesting.”

Clare: Are there any pieces that really stand-out to you?

Kym: I really love what I’m wearing actually – the floral print pants. I love it with the matching blouse and we’ve also got a matching jacket that goes with it. There’s also a yellow wool-silk blend fabric that’s really shimmery and I really like that, too, it’s quite bright.

Clare: You just got back from showing your collection to media such as Elle and Vogue in the States. Do you have any other upcoming plans to build the brand overseas?

Kym: “Yes! I’m taking the collection to Paris Fashion Week in September and we’re setting up a showroom there which will be the second time we’ve taken the collection over there this year. That’ll be a big part of growing the brand internationally.”

Clare: Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?

Kym: Be ready to work very hard. It’s a very involved industry and I think you have to really love it to do it. Make sure you just absolutely love it, that’s what you have to do before you work in it because it really is for the people who can’t live without it. It’s lots of work.

With that, I bid adieu to the glitterati of Brisbane, satisfied with my personal insight into all the upcoming trends and more excited than ever to be rid of winter. Bring on the pretty peplums, prints, pastels and a splash of neon!

The new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is dropping into Myer stores around the country, happy shopping!


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