Film Review: Kath & Kimderella

| 6 September , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Ted Emery
Starring: Gina Riley, Jane Turner, Magda Szubanski, Glenn Robbins, Peter Rowsthorn, Rob Sitch, Richard E Grant
Sassi’s Star Rating: 4/5

Our foxy ladies are back and they’ve left their humble homes in Fountain Lakes after Kath (Turner) wins a big trip overseas – all the way to Italy. Suddenly our favourite fashionistas are dropped right in the middle of their very own fairytale trying to win the hearts and minds of their new friends in Italy.

Of course, trouble follows them wherever they go, but their passion and enthusiasm for life is still present. Kath is still an exercise freak and finds her very own gym in a huge castle, it doesn’t look like your average workout room, but she certainly makes it her own. Kim (Riley), on the other hand, is fitting in very well under the watchful eyes of a secret Prince. The fact that they’re in a castle means royalty is nearby at all times. We all know that Kim is already a Princess and pretty much expects everyone, including her husband Brett, to bow down to her, can she work her magic overseas? Naturally, no fairytale is complete without a Ball, the outfits are spectacular.

Before you panic, Sharon Strzlecki (Szubanski) is on hand to, well, mostly carry the luggage, it seems. Poor Sharon is reduced to her usual, second best friend status, but does manage to make an impact – won’t give away anything here though. She has some quite revealing scenes.

Our favourite and loveable guys are back on board for this feature film – Kel (Robbins) and Brett (Rowsthorn) have their usual charm and absolute tolerance for these high maintenance women. The charming King Javier (Sitch) may cause an issue as he seems to have his sights set on the gorgeous Kath from day one. Will Kel give up his Masterchef obsession in time save their relationship?

The ever present Alain (Grant) is new to our Kath and Kim saga, but he creates a nice addition causing some background storms as our ladies venture into this fairytale lifestyle. Stay tuned also for a Dame Edna Everage cameo and the gorgeous Epony-Rae, as it turns out is a chip off the old block!

Look at moooiee peoples, you need to see this fillum, in cinemas today!

And don’t forget to check out our hilarious interview with the foxy ladies here, the sexy Miranda Kerr even gets a mention from the Foxy Ladies!!!


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