Film Review: Your Sister’s Sister

| 6 September , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Lynn Shelton
Written by: Lynn Shelton
Starring: Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt
Sassi’s Star Rating: 4/5

Jack (Mark Duplass) has been emotionally lost since his brother passed away a year ago. When he ruins a remembrance party, his friend Iris (Emily Blunt) sends him to her family cabin to get some much-needed headspace. Jack travels to the gorgeous pine covered island, but when he’s about to enter the cabin for a week of solitude, he finds someone is already there – Iris’s sister Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt).

After a confrontational beginning, Hannah and Jack spend the night drinking together and talking about their issues. Through many shots of tequila they sort out their problems, by creating a bigger one. A surprise visit from Iris further complicates things, turning what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation into a riotous film.

Directed by Lynn Shelton, Your Sister’s Sister is a warm, dialogue driven story where three characters are forced to sort through some rather large baggage.

Duplass’s improvised lines, of which there are many, are hilarious, and the dynamic he has with Blunt and DeWitt feels very real. If you don’t like unresolved endings the film may irk you a bit, but otherwise it’s a fun story with good characters and several great twists.

Head to the cabin for some fun family drama in Your Sister’s Sister. In Cinema’s Now!


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