We Chat to the Hilarious Foxy Ladies, Kath & Kim all about Kimderella and What’s Foxy & What’s Not!

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After a busy week walking the red carpet, causing a storm of activity in Sydney and generally being completely ‘foxy’, Kath and Kim took some time out of their day to catch up with us about their adventures in the feature length film Kath and Kimderella (read our review here).

Monique: Ladies, you have just got back from Italy, how was it?

Kim: Fantastic, but oh, I’m still lagged, we were there a year ago, but I’m still jet lagged.
Kath: Oh it was fantastic.

Monique: Big feature fillum, you’ve been on the red carpet this week, how was that?

Kim: Oh, just ask our fans, they were feeling me up big time. I felt like a movie star.
Kath: Oh last night, they couldn’t get enough of us. there were presents and gifts.

Monique: Oh goodness, what sort of gifts did you get?

Kath: I got a make-up purse in the shape of some underpants. I also got a bracelet, a bit of bling, you know.
Kim: I got a G-String, that was also a handbag, but everything falls out of it, not a very practical gift.

Monique: Kim, we’re so excited because finally in this film, there is some Princess action that really suits you.

Kim: Yes. Yes, it’s something I’ve always known and now Australia gets to find out about my adventures in this fillum. You know, I’ve always behaved like a Princess and everyone’s just ‘poo poo-ed’ me my whole life, literally, and now they have to eat humble pie.

Monique: Now Kath, whilst you were over there in Italy, you did a lot of infrastructural change, how are the residents taking it?

Kath: Oh like a duck to water, because I’ve just got the gift of the gab and the sell! When I worked in Real Estate, because I did a course, I could just talk the leg off an iron pot!

Kim: Yeah! They were like STOP! Stop and buy it!

Monique: Now Kath, you’re very experienced in TAFE courses. What do you recommend for our younger readers out there to study?

Kath: Oh Wicca! White witchery, that’s the only one you need to know because I’m sort of like Harry Potter in distressed denim. A ‘poof’ and and a ‘bang’ and everything is sorted. And I’ve had a few mistakes a la Harry Potter in his first film. Once I accidentally turned Kel into Matthew McConaughey and I just didn’t like it. I’m just not a huge fan of Matthew’s, he doesn’t do it for me, he’s too cut!

Monique: Kim, what’s happening with you and Epony-Rae?

Kim: Yeah, well, I’m going to have to watch my back I think because she’s really riding on my coat tails, but she’s gifted though. And because she’s gifted, I’ve got to keep her stimulated with Petite Pole Dancing and Little Miss Princess Pageants, she’s hungry for it. Even though she screams and cries and says “I don’t want to do it!”, I interpret that as “Yes, Mummy, I love it!”

Monique: And what about you Kim, do you ever have the opportunity to share your skills as well?

Kath: Yeah, she’s always out the front saying “Smile” and coaching because you’ve really got to do that.
Kim: Well, I did try get into the 4-6 year old section, because I don’t look my age, so I thought I could sneak in, but I was sprung.

Monique: Kath, you’re obviously an exercise freak, have you got any tips for us?

Kath: Oh I’ve been Zumba-ing, that’s my new things. Still a bit of ‘huffy-puffy’, cross-training, jazzercise, the abmeister, skitone buck and thigh master.
Kim: And I can’t hear the TV when that’s all happening.

Monique: Well, Kath that sounds great, but Kim, what’s your secret?

Kim: You know, it’s just my metabolism. I can eat whatever I want and still look like this. You know when I was in Italy, I’ve got a good front rack, but back rack is really in right now. It really looks great when I wear a tight strapless number, all my flesh just hangs out.

Monique: Sharon had a bit of a secret with her weight loss which is very exciting.

Kath: Yeeees. The Orlando Bloom diet.
Kim: Which he designed for Miranda to lose the baby weight.

Monique: And is it true that Sharon has also become a vagitarian?

Kath and Kim: Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!
Kath: That sounds very rude!

Monique: I just noticed some of the books she was reading in the film…

Kim: Sharon is a confused young lass and is exploring her options.
Kath: Sexuality is very fluid thing because along the scale, you move back and forth.

Monique: Where do you sit on the scale Kath?

Kath: Well, I am quite high on the spectrum, highly homophobic. That means I love gay people, but ‘cause I’m not going to go there girlfriend. You know I’ve always wanted to be on the front float at Mardi Gras.

Monique: I’ve heard some rumours, Kath, is it true that you are going to be appearing on MasterChef?

Kath: Yes, that’s true. Kel and I are going to be a celebrity couple on MasterChef because I do a mean chicken feet.
Kim: Oh George has been trying to get that recipe from you because he doesn’t know how you decant the dipping sauce.
Kath: Yes, that’s the secret to the special sauce, it comes out in one go! (She says butting her hand against her hand as if decanting the sauce)

Monique: Now Kim, you’ve heard of the Expendables, apparently, they are thinking of making the Expende’belles’ starring the likes of Angelina Jolie. Is that something that would interest you?

Kim: No, I wouldn’t want to work with Angelina. I would like to work with people that are of a similar talent to me. Lara Bingle, Brynne Eddleston, that type of people, you know, the real deal.

Monique: Are you still going to be entering competitions Kath? I know you like that?

Kath: Oh yes, well I’m lucky you know, I’ve got the ‘touch’. The reality is, anything I enter, I’d win, I’d win Survivor, Masterchef, all those kinds of shows. Very lucky.

Monique: I wanted to ask you what’s hot and what’s not! So, gumnut babies or stonewash denim?

Kath and Kim: Both hot!

Monique: Dippity Bix or fruit?

Kim: Dippity Bix hot for sure, fruit not so much.

Monique: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?

Kath: Brad Pitt at the moment because Kel’s wearing a bit of a Brad Pitt goatee at the moment, yeah, he’s channeling Brad. I don’t like it because of pash rash issues.
Kim: No, they’re both too old for me really.

Monique: So are you into The Shire and Big Brother and the like?

Kim: YEAH! Yeah
Kath: I love The Voice ‘cause I’m a Keith Urban nut. Yeah, I’m team Urban.

Monique: Speaking of teams. Are you team Edward or team Jacob?

Kath: Team Edward. Have to be.
Kim: Oh Team Jacob for sure.
Kath: Well, I have to be Team Edward because of the whole RPats saga, I mean, it’s tragic.
Kim: Yeah, well, I’m a bit like that. ‘Cause me and Brett, while the cats away…you know, what goes on tour, stays on tour! Brett will do what I say, that’s what it’s like.

Monique: What about you and Brett, are you planning on having more kids?

Kath: Kim wanted me to have a surrogate.
Kim: Well, I don’t want to ruin my body.
Kath: She’s got a washboard stomach, more like a washing basket stomach. But I said, “No, I don’t want another Epony-Rae, I mean she’s all right, but another one could turn out like Kim.” The world is not big enough for two Kims!

Monique: So what’s next for you two foxy ladies?

Kath: More travels.
Kim: More films.
Kath: We’ve got a sequel and a prequel in the pipeline.
Kim: Yeah, making films is easy. I don’t know what everyone goes on about? It’s so easy to make a film!

Monique: What was it like working for Riley/Turner Fillums?

Kath: Well, we had rewrite all the scripts.
Kim: And we haven’t seen a cent! They’re telling us that’s Aussie film making, nobody makes any money, we don’t believe a word of it.
Kath: I think they’re negatively gearing our losses.

Kath and Kimderella is in cinemas today, don’t forget to read our movie review here.


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