Book Review: Killer Heels, Rebecca Chance

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A sparkling tale of glamour and deceit in the world of fashion, Killer Heels is Rebecca Chance’s latest novel and is sure to delight her fans. The novel follows the scarily believable tale of Coco Raeburn, who at the start of the novel has reached the pinnacle of her career – she is engaged to publishing magnate Jacob Dupleix, has just taken on the editorship of a new fashion magazine, and has attained the elusive “size zero”, in a real ugly-duckling style story.

When Coco started her career, she was simply Jodie Raeburn, a bottom-of-the-heap UK fashion contributor, size 12 in high-street fashion and struggling to make it into UK Style, the second most important magazine in the Dupleix empire. The editor of UK Style is the famously dangerous Victoria Glossop, style icon and dragon lady. Through sheer chutzpah, Jodie makes it in as Victoria’s assistant, but in the process has to lose 10 pounds and change her name to Coco. But she does it. She does everything Victoria asks, and does it better than anyone has before, because Coco is ambitious. She is so good at making Victoria look good that when Victoria lands the coveted editorship of US Style two years before her contract calls for it, Coco is pulled along for the ride and sees this as her chance to become more than an assistant.

In fact she does much better than that, for she gets noticed by Jacob himself. His sheer charisma is irresistible and Coco soon finds herself under his spell. But for whatever he asks of her in private (a little S&M, lose a bit more weight, wear the clothes he buys her) the rewards are unimaginable. There is of course the sheer glamour of the clothes and accessories he places on her. There is the glow of achieving size zero. There is the promotion, the editorship, and the engagement. She has nothing left to win – except maybe herself, back from the fascination with Jacob’s every whim and back to a more normal healthy relationship with people her own age.

The glamour, the style and the danger, with a dash of romance, make for an entertaining read, true to Rebecca Chance’s signature style.

Available now: Simon & Schuster RRP$29.99


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