DVD Review: Downton Abbey – Season II

| 20 September , 2012 | 1 Reply

Written by: Julian Fellowes
b: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Elizabeth Mc Govern, Michelle Dockery, Joanne Froggatt
Sassi’s Star Rating: 4/5

We are back for Season II of Downton Abbey and World War I is in full swing and the Crawley family, along with their faithful servants are not immune to the tragedy of war. Money can buy you many things, but this series of Downton proves that war can slice through the highest of families with absolutely no remorse. Robert Crawley (Bonneville) is struggling with the way of the world and losing hope. His frustration at his inability to control the outcome of so many things at once lead him to make some questionable decisions and at the same time highlight the reality that, although powerful, he is only human. He is sure to make some mistakes, learn of a few more but will all be forgiven – only time will tell.

Mr. Bates (Coyle) has his own brand of trouble with a begrudged wife coming into the picture which upsets his relationship with the gorgeous Anna Smith (Froggatt) who seems to love him beyond his past. Their lives become more entwined and the mystery of their love is truly tested through this season as they begin to show how they feel but meet certain obstacles along the way.

Our Lady Mary Crawley (Dockery) is ever beautiful and not without her own brand of troubles this season, however, none as unfortunate as the first season. Interestingly, I found her character to be quite frustrating in Season I but this season she has totally won me over making me feel sympathetic to her plight, encouraged by her enthusiasm and in awe of her strength. Her love life is still awry with a marriage proposal coming from an unsuspected place, what will she do? And does she really love him? Will it be for the right reasons? Mathew (Stevens) arriving on their doorstep with a future wife in tow does nothing to help her demeanor. Her sisters were entirely gorgeous as well pitching in to help with the war effort by taking on nursing roles far beyond their reach in regular times.

The issues between the servants and the well-to-do continue and with the return of the sniveling Thomas (James-Collier) the tensions are sure to mount with his intentions remaining unclear throughout. Is he there to help or hinder? Only time will tell but with the help of his confidante O’Brien (Finneran) along the way, then the mischief may cause some mayhem.

Mr. Carson (Carter) tries his best to control the antics of his staff, but succumbs to an illness himself. He’s not alone as not only does the war plague them, but an unknown illness effects both servants and the Crawleys and death comes knocking at some doors – get the tissues out.

There is a special feature episode set at Christmas – which is lavish, beautiful and brilliant – certainly not to be missed.

All in all, a wonderful Season II that I actually enjoyed more than Season I – possible?

War changes everything and can bring out the best and worst in people above and below the stairs at Downton Abbey!

Downton Abbey Season II is available on DVD now (RRP$44.95) and Blu-Ray (RRP$54.95) and SR1&SR2 Box Set in DVD (RRP$64.95) or Blu-Ray (RRP$74.95).


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