We Talk to Chey Birch from Black Chicken About Her Natural Skin Care Oils & Why You Should Care

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Summer is on it’s way and to help shake off the chill of winter and rejuvenate your skin, we’re lathering on the oils. “During winter, a cocktail of factors such as cold temperatures juxtaposed against hot showers, central heating, slower metabolisms and less natural oil production in the body, often leaves people with dry irritable skin however Black Chicken Remedies can help fix all of that,” says Black Chicken Remedies founder, Chey Birch.

Crammed full of 100% natural goodness and no chemical nasties such as parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals found in 90% of products, the Black Chicken body oil and serum work essentially like super foods for your skin, so we chatted with Chey to get the lowdown on these two Aussie products that are taking the world by storm.

Black Chicken Remedies is a home-grown, natural skincare company that has already achieved international acclaim for its Love Your Body Oil.  Chey was inspired by the medicine men of traditional communities who used nature as their pharmacy and extracted the healing properties of plants. Her products follow this ancient tradition, bringing the therapeutic power of nature to health and environmentally conscious consumers.

“Everyday, we are all exposed to environmental factors, chemicals and pollutants that take their toll on our bodies,” says Chey. “The skin is the largest organ in the body and everything we put on it is absorbed into our system – the more natural we can make our skincare, the more our bodies will thank us.” “All Black Chicken Remedies are based on the guiding principle that if you love your skin, it will love you back.”

Sassi: How did Black Chicken come about?

Chey: About 15 years ago while working in banking I discovered aromatherapy and was amazed by the potency of essential oils for healing. My new passion occupied my every thought. I read everything I could about oils and their properties and experimented day and night with the support of enthusiastic friends and family. My knowledge and experience grew day by day. I remember the day I learned if we put essential oils on our body, within 20 minutes they could be detected in the liver. This started me thinking, what ingredients are in the beauty products we use every day? When I learned just how toxic many of these products were, I knew in my heart I could create truly authentic products that heal, rather than harm.

Sassi: Where did the name come from, it’s very different!

Chey: Black Chicken Remedies is a name I chose to recognise healers of every sacred tradition who understood how to communicate with nature, how to extract the medicinal properties from plants and create powerful healing remedies for their communities. The legend of the Black Chicken (you can read it in full on our website) is a simple and interesting way of pointing people back to the historical significance of our ability to look at nature as our pharmacy. Australian Aborigines had a person they called the Ngangkari, whom another culture might call Sharman. This was a medicine man or woman who had a highly developed affinity with nature – routinely they would venture into forests or bush land and communicate with nature to be guided on which plants or herbs would be suitable remedies for their patients in their communities – these were very knowledgeable people who were often chosen very early in their lives to hold these valued positions. What they harnessed was often made into creams, salves, oils and a host of other applications in order to bring about cures to those that sort their help.

Sassi: Now tell us what is different about your products? You only have two at the moment, are there plans to release more products?

Chey: That’s simple … I started making these products for me so no expense was spared in the quality of ingredients I chose to include and that hasn’t changed what you are buying today. I’m committed to delivering products that reduce the chances of anyone developing chronic health conditions through their choice of skincare, which is why BCR products are proudly toxin free and 100% natural.

I have been very specific about the products we have made so far. The first two products replace the main daily routine of many people – applying moisturiser to your body (Love Your Body Oil) and to your face (Love Your Face Serum). What many people don’t think about is that most creams they apply daily to their bodies contain chemicals such parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals and fragrant oils. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients so no chemicals are being absorbed into your bloodstream, only natural oils with therapeutic qualities. The Body Polish is next (due for release in October 2012) and so far in our trials its been a big hit. It assists with detoxification and removal of dead cells plus replenish it with great oils.

Sassi: The rise of natural and organic products (are yours certified organic?), the messages around what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them, what are the key points do you think we need to understand why it’s important to know what we are putting on our skin?

Chey: Both our body oil and face serum are 100% natural and our face serum contains 90% certified organic ingredients. I think it’s important to check the ingredients on the products we put on our skin because it’s proven that they end up in our bodies. For example parabens – a common chemical preservative – has been found in breast cancer tissue so I would never buy anything with these type of harmful chemicals. As mentioned above, during my Aromatheraphy studies, we learnt when we put essential oils on our body, within 20 minutes they could be detected in the liver, that’s a fast turn around time by the body. We think it’s super important that everyone has a better understanding and of course being conscious about what we put on our skin.

Sassi: Oils, I love putting oils on my skin, but like good fats, people can think oils and fats make you fatter, and skin wise, make your skin oily, I put oil on my face every night, can you explain why oils on our skin are good for us?

Chey: Let me clear up a couple of myths around using oils:

  • Myth#1 is Oils make you oily – Oils don’t necessarily make you oily. Some oils, Jojoba for example, will recreate your skin’s natural lipid barrier and help retain the water in your skin from evaporating. It’s a dry skin remedy.
  • Myth#2 is all oils are equal – This is also incorrect some oils harm and some oils heal. It’s important to use good quality oils but some skin care products use Mineral oil, which is produced as a byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. It’s very inexpensive and causes the pores to clog and I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want anything that comes from gasoline to be absorbed into my body!

100% natural oils repair the skin because they contain vitamins and use nature as our pharmacy. For example: Cellulite can be aided by Geranium essential oil as it works as an effective diuretic and is able to improve circulation of lymphatic fluid, which helps eradicate toxins. Stretch marks and scars can be assisted by Rosehip oil as it contains Retinol, vitamin C, omega-3, omega-6 and linolenic acid. Eczema can be assisted with oils such as Lavender essential oil as it is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial so it helps reduce inflammation and prevents infection. Nature is our pharmacy and can help us put back into our skin what life has taken out.

Sassi: Serums, they are everywhere, what’s the go with serums and why should we be investing in a good serum? What’s the difference between a natural/organic serum and synthetic serum?

Chey: The molecules in face serums are smaller than moisturisers and so they can penetrate much deeper and deliver nutrients and antioxidants to the skin and help address specific issues such as wrinkles, dehydration, sagging skin and redness. They absorb faster, go deeper and act quickly. So its like comparing serums to your specialists while moisturisers are your GP. Most moisturisers contain chemicals whereas serums can be made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Serums are popular right now because people are looking for ways to address their special skin concerns in an effective and 100% natural way.

Sassi: Your top five tips for looking after your skin that we can start doing now.


  1. Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water at least 2 litres a day. The body is about 50% water so the cells need to be kept hydrated – this will show in your skins health and it’s easy to do!
  2. Exfoliate 3 times per week to remove dead skin cells to keep the skin fresh and aid regeneration of cells. We shed about 1 million cells per day so skin brushing and exfoliation will help keep the skin soft and smooth.
  3. Moisturise regularly. All skin types need and love moisture – the skin needs to be nourished whether oily or dry to retain a happy balanced protective layer
  4. Protect your skin from the elements – skin needs to protect you so you must protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. A minimum spf 30 is required daily to ensure you will not burn or age or damage your skin even on cloudy days
  5. Be present – so many people can be automatic when it comes to their daily skin routine and by applying focused energy, like being mindful, can make a significant difference in how we feel and how we experience changes in our body and who we are from the inside and out. Its why our first products are called Love Your Body and Face!

We can attest to their natural goodness, our skin has been soaking up all their goodness, the oils aren’t too heavy and the body oil, used in the shower every morning, loving the ingredients of coconut and avocado oils alongside rosehip, it’s chockful of hydrating goodness and nutrients the skin needs and loves.

To purchase the Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Body Oil (100mL RRP$69) and Love Your Face Serum (30mL RRP$79) or find your nearest stockist (they are available internationally) visit their website: www.blackchicken.com.au.

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