Claire Danes is Radiant as Flare Magazine’s November 2012 Cover Girl

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Claire Danes is Flare Magazine’s November 2012 cover girl and she looks absolutely radiant on the cover, as photographed by Chris Nicholls (great timing by Flare). Claire is sure to be even more hot property after her win yesterday at the Emmy’s for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series as Carrie Mathison alongside Damian Lewis (plays Nicholas Brody and also won an award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series) in Homeland, a much deserved win by both actors.

Inside Flare magazine, Claire talks pregnancy, hubby Hugh Dancy (three years marrired), their upcoming move to Toronto where where Dancy will play an FBI agent in the Hannibal Lecter TV series, Hannibal:

On her success and being taken seriously as a child actor: “From the outset, I just happened to play characters that were surprisingly mature for their age and had an adult persona, even though they were teenaged. Playing sexy or cute was never really what I was interested in. I was pretty clear about what I did and didn’t want to do, even as a kid. People dismiss kids as being unthinking; they’re surprisingly discerning. I wanted to be taken seriously from the outset.”

On being perceived as too serious: “I actually want people to imagine me as being a little less serious sometimes. But people get attached to certain characters and perceptions.”

On breaking her streak of romantic roles with two Emmy-nominated mentally ill characters: “It’s arguable that being in love and being mentally ill are sort of similar [laughs]. But it’s true I went through this ardourous decade and it did get a bit tiresome after awhile—you want to be defined in some other way. I was frustrated by that and then Temple [Grandin] came along and she was just so remarkable and unlike anyone on the planet and such a culture of one. Playing her was such a great, happy, expansive experience for me—it made me want to do that again.”

On her Homeland character, Carrie Mathison: “In the new season she’s taken huge measures to stabilize herself and she’s been outed as mentally ill, so she has a freedom to take responsibility for it in a more effective and aggressive way.”

On Carrie’s bi-polar disease: “Carrie’s disease is formidable, it’s furious, but it’s also treatable and every case is individual. I think the show offers a pretty good reflection of what that experience is like. It’s definitely always a reality that she’ll have to take seriously. Right now [her disease] is in the box, but you never know where it’s going to go.”

On how much of the plot she knows: “Most people I talk to don’t want me to say anything. The truth is I don’t know that much either. Often I won’t get a script until a couple of days before, so I don’t really know where the train is going. The writers are very careful about what they disclose and when they disclose it. Mostly they’re furiously trying to figure it out for themselves.”

You can read more and see some behind the scenes pics at Flare Magazine’s website.

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