Exclusive: Rachael Taylor Talks Undies and her Directorial Debut for Bonds’ Short Film “Summer Road Trip” with Todd Lasance

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Bonds have released their new Summer 2012/13 campaign starring Bonds Ambassadors Rachael Taylor and Todd Lasance. The new campaign celebrates the Aussie Summer and takes us on a quintessential Aussie Road Trip and excitingly for Rachael this is her directorial debut, yes the talented star directed this Short Film and it’s an Aussie beauty!

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Rachael who is currently very busy filming her latest TV Show, 666 Park Avenue, which will hit our TV Screens on Arena on Monday October 1st at 9.30am (yes it’s been fast tracked and we’ll have more info on it Monday so stay tuned).  The Road Trip was filmed around inner Sydney and around Maroubra in Sydney’s South East and features music from Aussie band, Sister Jane.

Sassi: Hi Rachael, you’ve been a Bonds Ambassador now for two years, what do you love about being an ambassador for Bonds?

Rachael: Yes this is my second year with Bonds – they are one brand in Australia that everybody knows and can relate with – I particularly like the casual style of their clothes and underwear – it’s a real privilege and suits my style and attitude perfectly.

Sassi: Congratulations on your directorial debut, working with Todd Lasance, the campaign you directed is brilliant and looks like it was lots of fun, tell us a little bit about your new role.

Rachael: As an actor you spend a lot of time in front of the camera taking direction, you also absorb what the crew are doing and how the pictures are created – it’s amazing how comfortable it felt and Todd was a gem, he’s so relaxed and such a good guy.

Sassi: How did the opportunity come about?

Rachael: I was discussing the Summer season with the guys from Bonds and suggested I’d love to direct a short film in the form of a Summer Road Trip – something that could be released online, that tells a story using Bonds in that really Australian, relaxed and comfortable summery style. They loved the idea and I was given loads of control which was really fun.

Sassi: What was it like being ‘the boss’? Were you nervous?

Rachael: As mentioned, I was surprised at how much I instinctively understood and knew once I started talking thru the script and ideas with the DOP (Ed – Director of Photography). It was great calling the shots, I love the pressure of being in control of the creative process and felt really comfortable working on it with the crew while directing and shooting Todd & myself on screen.

Sassi: The concept, it’s a great concept, what did you love about the concept and what were the key themes you wanted to get across that were quintessentially Australian?

Rachael: At its heart I enjoyed the genuine relationship – the tension and the energy between two young attractive people, their courting, the playfulness, as they go on an adventure to escape the city – its a magical mystery tour, exploring all the little things, like being in the moment, enjoying the sun, hanging in the countryside and hitting the beach – very simply, very happy and very Australian.

Sassi: What was it like working with Todd?

Rachael: Todd had flown in to shoot for Bonds from NZ where he was working on his latest project – a lead role in the final season of the US TV series Spartacus (he’s playing Julius Caesar) – he was in the uber training phase, major fight training, his body was totally stripped and fit – so every 30minutes we had to stop for him to eat and having no body fat due to the intense training – but boy when he did take his clothes off – he was in such amazing condition!!

Sassi: Have you been bitten by the directing bug now? Can we expect to see more of Rachael Taylor behind the camera?

Rachael: Yes love it – watch this space!

Sassi: As a very proud Aussie that I know you are, what are five things that you think are quintessentially Australian that you tell visitors they should do/wear/be?

Rachael: Tasmania – Chesty Bonds Singlets – Bondi Beach – Great Barrier Reef & NYE in Sydney.

Sassi: Talking about 666 Park Avenue now, we’re particularly excited about this new show, you’re working with a great cast (Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn) and some pretty handsome ones too (hello Dave Annable and Robert Buckley) and David Wilcox, what was it about the script when you read it that you loved and wanted to be part of?

Rachael: It is such a New York based story and show – and I absolutely adore living and working NYC. 666 at its core is a psychological thriller, full of twists and turns, that plays homage to all the great psychological movies of our times from Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” and Kubrick’s “The Shinning” to Hitchkcock’s The Birds – I’m so loving working on great scripts with such a great cast and crew.

It’s now time to go on a Road Trip with Rachael and Todd, it starts in the inner city of Sydney with the pair road tripping their way to a quintessential Australian beach where they strip down to take a cheeky swim in nothing but their Summer Bonds undies:

The Bonds undies and clothing featured throughout the film include; Hipsters, Fit Trunks, Contrast Raglan Tees and Hoodies and we’ll have more info on 666 Park Avenue tomorrow which premieres here on Monday October 1st on Arena – can’t wait!

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