Adding Crystals to Your Life Can Help You Find A Dollop of Serenity & Calm

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Finding serenity and inner peace can be challenging in today’s ‘unplugged’ world. Trying to find a balance of juggling the everyday stresses of our lives and the much coveted feeling of “inner peace” is another challenge in itself.  Our world today is always turned ‘on’ and we physically have to make ourselves switch it to the ‘off’ button.

Finding a bit of time to sit in ‘silence’ is important to me, I personally start to get antsy if I don’t get to tap into my ‘sounds of silence’ space as I like to call it every day – Sarah Wilson just wrote an article about Silence last week, you might like to check it out here – the feeling of having that ‘sound of silence’ envelope me is an incredibly ‘expanding’ experience on many levels and Crystals are an easy way to add a bit of calming energy to your every day if you are finding it hard to ‘switch off.’

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Firstly, what are Crystals and why are they important?  I spoke to LULA Crystal Therapists, Rosie & Nicolette, to get the lowdown on all things Crystals.

Crystals exist on the First Plane of Existence (read more details about this towards the bottom of this story, there’s a video to watch as well which expands on the Seven Planes of Existence), and throughout recorded history many cultures have valued crystals and believed that they possess magical, spiritual or healing properties. Like people, crystals have an energy or life force within them.

Crystals offer us a little extra support in our often stressful and hectic lives! For example, a nice big chunk of cleansing Black Tourmaline when placed near your front door helps to keep negativity and disharmony from entering your home. Beautiful soft pink Rose Quartz in your bedroom and around the rest of the house promotes and attracts love, gentleness and harmony. A rich purple piece of Amethyst placed near your bed or even under your pillow promotes tranquility and offers protection as you sleep. Clear Quartz enhances clarity, which makes it the perfect crystal to have in your study or on your desk. Be sure to keep it out of the bedrooms though as it is a powerful amplifier, which is the last thing you want around when you’re trying to sleep!

When life feels a little overwhelming, crystals can help to create a special space that is calming and helps you take a step back from what’s going on. You can create a ‘special place’ in your home, be it a whole room, a corner of a room, the mantelpiece or even just the humble little windowsill, it’s your own peaceful sanctuary where you can go to, whether it’s for an hour or just five minutes, you can meditate, do some mindful breathing or just be.

A simple way to add Crystals to your life is the use of LULA’s handmade Emotive Candles (RRP$39.95) that contain the energies and healing powers from particular crystals; LOVE Candle (Rose Quartz), The PROTECTION Candle (Amethyst & Rose Quartz), the COURAGE Candle (Carnelian & Red Jasper) and FOREGIVENESS Candle (Blue Calcite & Rose Quartz), burn them anywhere in your home where you can find a quiet space.

When choosing the right crystals for you there are many guidebooks and websites with great information to assist you. Though when it really comes down to it, you just can’t beat your own intuition. Buy the ones you are most strongly guided to and you’ll never go wrong.

Speaking of books, I came across this brilliant new comprehensive book Crystals by Rachelle Charman (RRP$27.99), founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakening, Brisbane.  It is a comprehensive practical guide that offers a unique approach to understanding the healing power of these magical stones.  The book provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to connect to your healing energies. It includes over 140 beautiful colour photographs detailing all the crystals and energies they represent as well as instructions on how to connect with each crystal.  Also included in the book is a range of case studies and stories from students and teachers from The Academy of Crystal Awakening, they share how crystals have assisted them in healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

I carry a Rose Quartz around with me, I put it in my bra, and at night, I put it under my pillow, because it promotes and attracts unconditional love and I think it’s important to have as much love around us as possible.  Until I read “Crystals” I didn’t realise the importantance of cleansing and energising our crystals and programming our crystals before we use them.

Rachelle shares that it is essential that we cleanse and energise our crystals on a regular basis.  As we now know, crystals store and retain energy and it is important that we clear the energy from them to keep our crystals clear and vibrant. They come from deep within the Earth and when we remove them from their natural environment they lose their potent energy, so we need to charge them back to their natural state. Cleansing them re-energises them.  Crystals amplify the light within. The more love you share with them, the more love and light they radiate back to you. Rachelle personally recommends cleansing and charging your crystals at least once a month!

The other incredibly important step is to program your crystals.  Once again, it’s been scientifically proven that Quartz Crystals store, absorb, send, receive and amplify energy.  When offering or sending a thought or intent into a crystal it is possible for it to receive and store this energy and information. Once the crystal retails the thought or energy it has the ability to amplify and project it back to us acting as a great tool of manifestation.  Programming a crystal involves having the intention to use it for a particular purpose, such as meditation, affirmations, prayers, mantras, all types of healing, storing information, creating abundance, inner peace, Divine Love, truth, and anything your heart desires. Working with the intention of transformation will shift your energy and expand your conscious awareness.

Seven Planes of Existence:

One of the most popular governing concepts of theta healing as described by Vianna Stibal is the seven planes of existence. This is a way in which theta healing describes the world where we live in, helping people understand both the physical and spiritual aspects of the world. Crystals and crystal healing takes place on the First Plane of Existence, and every minute of every day we are working with the First Plane of Existence because it represents Mother Earth. The First Plane consists of every piece of Earth, from the smallest crystal to the largest mountain, in non-organic form. Watch this video below for more info on the seven planes and of course visit Vianna Stibal’s website here.

You can purchase the candles from Lula’s website here and to purchase the book Crystals by Rachelle Charman, go to her website here or Rockpool Publishing here.

Crystals have a special healing and calming power which I believe is something we need more of in our incredibly hectic ‘plugged in’ lives.


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