DVD Review: Revenge, The Complete Series 1

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Directed by: Mike Kelley
Starring: Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Joshua Bowman
Sassi’s Star Rating: 5/5

Revenge has something special about it, centred on a young woman who has returned to her hometown in the Hamptons under a different name in order to exact her revenge. Emily (VanCamp) is really the original Amanda Clarke who was embroiled in scandal when her father was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit when she was just a child. She then got into a little trouble herself and ended up locked away for some time slowly plotting her revenge. When she returns as Emily Thorne, a sophisticated, beautiful cashed up young woman, she is the toast of the town and easily makes her way into the hearts of the Grayson family via their son Daniel (Bowman).

Victoria Grayson (Stowe) is the matriarch and a very powerful woman who immediately dislikes Emily and suspects there is something deceitful about her, although, try as she might, she cannot find one piece of evidence that proves her theory correct. Embroiled in her own difficulties with her family falling apart due to Amanda’s strategic and systematic shake down, she is unable to conclusively prove that Emily is not who she says she is.

Charlotte Grayson, Victoria’s daughter is a typical spoilt little rich girl getting herself in trouble to no end and learning some touch lessons along the way. She gets involved with Declan Porter who works for his brother’s bar and their relationship is not supported by the Graysons. Jack Porter is Amanda’s childhood friend and Amanda finds it hard not to tell him the truth of who she is when they clearly have such a connection. To make matters worse, Amanda’s friend from the tough days, the real Emily Thorne (whom she swapped identity with) returns to really shake things up. Her presence is welcomed by all as she has a similar charm, but she decides she wants to stay and that just puts extra strain on Amanda’s plans. She needs to negotiate with her friend but will she play the game of revenge?

Nolan (Mann) is Amanda’s right hand man who knew her father and has vowed to look after her no matter what. He is her conscience at times and a constant reminder that whilst revenge seems satisfying, there are some serious downsides and Amanda may be risking too much. It’s always interesting in the plot lines as they move back in time every now and then to make sense of the present.

It’s one of those series that keeps you guessing from episode to episode. I couldn’t wait for each one and I was depressed knowing that I was nearing the end of series one, which means series two is just around the corner.

Everything is pretty top secret about the script and apparently even the actors don’t find out about their scenes until the last moment. From the very first episode, you’ll love Amanda/Emily and her adventures in the Hamptons, her presence on the social scene and her scheming ways to avenge her father’s death whilst in custody for a crime he was truly innocent of committing. Join Amanda as she literally crosses off her victims and does it all with such finesse. It’s a brief look at living a life we may not understand but the emotions are something we are truly familiar with.

Experience Revenge first-hand on DVD, available in-stores from October 3rd 2012, as a 6 disc DVD Set (RRP$69.95)

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