TUNE IN TONIGHT: Rachael Taylor Gets Spooky in New Fox 8 Series, 666 Park Avenue

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Executive Producers: Matthew Miller, David Wilcox, and Leslie Morgenstein
Starring: Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable, Robert Buckley, Mercedes Mas, Helena Mattsson, Samantha Logan, Vanessa Williams, and Terry O’Quinn
Episodes: 13

Rachael Taylor gets spooky in the new series 666 Park Avenue which premieres tonight (Monday October 8th) on Fox8.

Taylor plays Jane Van Veen, an out of work architect who arrives in New York City with her small town partner Henry Martin (Dave Annable). They stumble across a position as managers of The Drake – a grandiose building on the famous Park Avenue. With the role comes a luxurious apartment that NYC elite would normally joke about having to sell your soul for. Only this time, it doesn’t seem like anybody is laughing…

The Drake is owned by the Machiavellian Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn) and his beautiful wife Olivia (Vanessa Williams). As their colours emerge we begin to realise that Jane and Henry might have quite literally done a deal with the devil. And it’s a deal that they’re not going to be able to back out of, alive anyway.

Other inhabitants of the building include playwright Brian Leonard (Robert Buckley) and his photographer wife Louise (Mercedes Masöhn), resident siren Alexis Blume (Helena Mattsson), and Nona Clark (Samantha Logan) the fourteen year-old with psychic abilities.

But fans of the Gabriella Price book needn’t get too excited; Executive Producer Matt Miller has quite freely admitted that there is nothing more in common with the series predecessor than the name and some spooky overtones.

Watch this teaser and head over to ABC America who have released the first nine minutes of the season opener in anticipation of the series premiere, follow this link as well as some behind the scenes videos.

666 Park Avenue premieres tonight on Fox8 at 9.20pm AEST. Watch and ask yourself, what price would you pay to have your deepest and darkest desires met?


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