Dior’s Reinterpreted Quinessential J’Adore L’Absolu Fragrance

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Christian Dior’s J’adore is an iconic quintessential perfume – launched over a decade ago, it has gone through many reincarnations, but always remained a classic perfume staple loved by woman around the globe. The most recent interpretation is J’adore L’absolu a medley of absolutes brought together in a single floral symphony, an absolute bouquet you could say created by perfumer Francois Demachy. J’adore L’absolu continues to feature brand ambassador Charlize Theron as the face of the campaign.

The perfume, using an absolute is enhancing and enriching the scent, using a complex method of extraction. The quintessential scent is extracted from the heart, creating a stronger, more intense fragrance.  J’adore L’absolu enhances the notes from the original perfume, using absolutes to create a sultry, intense fragrance.

The scent of Turkish rose creates a smooth and spirited experience that is oh-so romantic. Jasmine seduces you, as the perfume settles into the scent of Indian Tuberose – a sensual and potent scent. Together the scent is striking, and remarkably different to the original. It is undeniably intense, perfect for sensuous nights.

The J’Adore L’Absolu fragrance is housed in a unique iconic glass bottle that celebrates the myth of the J’Adore amphora. Its noble and delicate curves draw the “En Huit” line of the Monsieur Dior’s cherished New Look. The imperious and elegant Masai necklace sits at its neck evoking sheer femininity.

Available now in two sizes 50ml (RRP $155) and 75ml (RRP $180), for your nearest stockist call: +(02) 9695 4800.

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