More Non-Toxic Cleaning With Method Home Cleaning Including the Selfie!

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Back in August we introduced you to our favourite new cleaning products, Method, the non-toxic way to clean your home and we’ve got some more thoughts to share with you on some new products recently arriving on our shores as well as some home staples we’ve been playing with.  As previously mentioned, we love their approach to cleaning, it’s fun, great smelling, and uses plant based technology to reduce our toxic footstep on the environment and as well as what we are exposed to.

The Method Marine Natural Refresh Mint Body Wash (RRP$8.99) has a 97% natural formula. Made from purifying sea salt and aloe, it has the most incredibly refreshing scent. Perfect for early mornings, when you need a bit of a bright and cheerful pick me up. It leaves your skin fresh, soft, smooth and pure.  While there are no parabens, phthalates or EDTA in the product, we couldn’t help but notice that the ingredient list contained phenoxyenthanol. This ingredient is still being widely debated about its inclusion in beauty products, but at the moment, the jury is still out. Still the scent is amazing, and there are two other scents available; Water Flower and Sea Minerals.

The Method Kitchen Hand Washes (RRP$7.99) are designed to banish all dirt and odours naturally. Most hand washes can’t mask the more offensive smells in our kitchens – fish, garlic and onion. These hand washes are designed to deliberately eliminate odors, while leaving your hands touchably soft and lightly scented. Available in two different scents: Lemongrass and Clementine. The lemongrass wash has a pleasantly neutral scent, that is quite refreshing and clean. The clementine has a much sweeter, fizzier scent that will instantly brighten up your whole kitchen.

What else are we loving from Method?  We are loving their Laundry Detergent (RRP$17.95), it promises 50 washes of green clean for all your clothes. Using Smartclean Technology, the formula is eight times more concentrated than conventional laundry detergents and targets dirt and stains. It comes it a really handy pump bottle, which is easy to use and not only is the product 95% plant based, biodegradable and hypoallergenic, but it’s Spring Daisy scent smells super good. And the good news is, it cleans a treat, although it is a more expensive purchase than other cleaners on the market, it’s up to you if you want to introduce more eco-friendly products into your home and spend a bit more knowing your using something that’s better for the environment.

The Glass + Surface Cleaner (RRP $5.99) is a great, natural alternative to the range of glass cleaners out there. Without that overbearing cloud of ammonia, the corn based cleaner leaves you with a clean and green bathroom, while still effectively eliminating dirt, dust and pesky handprints. In a refreshing mint scent, it also livens up your whole bathroom with just a few squirts.

The Steel for Real Wipes (RRP $8.99) are a handy pack of wipes designed to make your stainless steel appliances gleam. Toxin free and totally compostable, they are an easy way to clean those appliances. The only drawback is that it claims to be streak free, and we found we needed to follow up the wipes with a paper towel to remove any residual streaks.

And what do you think of these three little dirty secrets:

  1. Did you know that indoor air is 2–5 times more polluted than urban outdoor air?
  2. Did you know that even 2x concentrated detergent takes up twice as much space in stores, warehouses and in shipping trucks than method laundry detergent, resulting in millions of kilograms of unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions?
  3. Did you know that triclosan has been found in breast milk, meaning it is absorbed into the body and passed along to babies, and the level of its presence has been linked to the use of triclosan-containing personal care products?

Available now at Woolworths, Safeway stores and online at and if you missed it, check out our first story about Method to learn more about the company and the people behind it.

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