DVD Review: The Cup

| 6 October , 2012 | Reply

Directed by: Simon Wincer
Starring: Stephen Curry, Jodi Gordon, Brendan Gleeson, Daniel MacPherson
Sassi’s Star Rating: 3.5/5

Based on the true life of jockey Damien Oliver, The Cup, follows Damien’s journey as he prepares to race the temperamental horse, Media Puzzle, in the Melbourne Cup.

It’s 2002 and Damien (Stephen Curry) and his brother are following the family business of horse racing. Like their dad, both brothers are jockeys, despite the tragedy that befell their family years ago.

When Damien gets a chance to race the promising Media Puzzle under Irish trainer Dermot Weld (Brendan Gleeson), his dreams of winning the Cup seem attainable, but fate throws a hurdle and it will take all Damien’s strength to clear it.

The Cup, directed by Simon Wincer, brings a realistic view into the world of racing. From 4am starts, to rigorous physical training, it documents the hours and miles of hard work that precede every race day fanfare.

This Aussie film is well done, though a few disjointed scenes try to shout, rather than show, key events. Beautiful scenery, fast horses, and an impressive cast, The Cup will bring racing lovers to their feet.

Hop in the saddle and get to the gate, jockey Damien has a race to win! The Cup, now on DVD RRP$39.95 and Blu-Ray RRP$49.95.


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