L’Occitane’s Soothing Milk & Honey “Bonne Mère” Skin Care Range

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Sometimes it’s convenient to have bath products that will suit the whole family. But with families ranging from young, delicate skin or touchy, sensitive skin finding those products can be a challenge. L’Occitane had just released the new Bonne Mère Skin Care Range – hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and suitable for skin as young as three years old with skin neutral PH goodness.

In Provence, “Oh Bonne Mère!” is often used in speech to express surprise, relief, joy, a stroke of good luck or, most importantly, kindness. It refers to the basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde, which holds a place in the heart of soap makers and all the people of Marseille.

The range is available in two yummy scents; Bonne Mère with Milk is a soothing scent combining notes of tender cotton flower and luxurious milk. It is the epitome of indulgence, reminiscent of stories of Cleopatra and her milk baths.

The second scent, Bonne Mère with Honey is a sweet, comforting scent that wraps notes of almond blossom, linden and orange blossom around the golden heart note of sweet honey.

Both Bonne Mère ranges include; a Gentle Body Wash (RRP $49) a decadently creamy production, with a gentle hypoallergenic formula that soaps up spectacularly leaving you deliciously clean.

Even washing your hands can be a little luxury with the Creamy Hand Wash (RRP $26). It’s gentle creamy formula will cleanse your skin without stripping away the moisture or irritating the skin like so many commercial formulas do.

The Gentle Cream (RRP $28) is a lovely, portable product perfect for slipping into your handbag for on the go hydration. The rich, easily absorbed formula can be applied to your hands, body or face and the neutral scent makes it a perfect product for anyone in your house.

The soaps (RRP $8) are richly scented and made from RSPO certified sustainable plant oil. You don’t to feel guilty about the indulgence, when you can know that it’s good for the planet.

Available in L’Occitane stores now for your nearest stockist call 02-8912 3000 or visit L’Occitane’s website for more.

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